I AM Divine Mother. I come to bring you a message of love and hope. There is much that is going on in your world, much that is being cleared. There are many suppressed old energies that are coming up as a result of the great cosmic love energies that are streaming into your world now. Dear Ones, please be patient with yourselves and each other. Know that this is necessary. All that is not in vibration and frequency of the great love of the Creator must surface and be cleared and transmuted.


Sometimes this is not a pleasant experience, but all is being cleared, Dear Ones, right into the core of Mother Earth. All of the energies that are not in alignment with the great love energies that are spiralling into the Earth’s core are being brought to the surface. All that has been hidden is being brought to everyone’s awareness to be dealt with. This may seem a little chaotic for those who are going through this experience. Know that all is well, that this is in accordance with the Divine Plan for the Earth and all upon her. Know that this is in concert with Mother Earth and indeed, with all of her inhabitants.


We, your Family of Light, have come at this time to bring love, peace and harmony back into this world. We have come to raise this world, to raise the vibrations of this world, to raise the vibrations of every man, woman and child upon this Earth and it is happening!


Rejoice, for this is a great opportunity for each and every one of you. All that rises to the surface to be looked at and acknowledged is a great opportunity to look upon this, to observe this and let it go, knowing what it is. Just try not to become immersed in those energies again for they are old energies, tired energies that just want your attention and acknowledgment so that you can release them and let them go.


Be united, Dear Ones. This is the time for unification within all aspects of your own being and with others. As this cleansing continues throughout the world, we ask you to love each other, help each other through these times, release those old energies in the form of thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you. My heart is full. I look upon each of you and I am filled with great love and great pride when I see the purity of your hearts and the dedication you apply in your service.


I bless each and every one of you!


I AM Divine Mother



翻译:Nick Chan

資料來源: https://www.facebook.com/people/Nick-Chan/100004491903654






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