We understand that many of you are finding yourselves in situations where you are being forced to slow down, to stay home, or adjust how you do things. While we understand such times can be concerning, there is great gift here for you.


This is offering you time for reconnection, reevaluation, greater presence, and awareness. The last several months have been incredibly taxing on many of you energetically and this is providing you the time you require to rest and reset.


It is highly beneficial that you have been given the opportunity to focus on this as you prepare to move into the equinox which always serves as a save point of your progress and anchors in a greater balance for you moving forward. The clarity, wisdom, and presence these times encourage as you start to go within but also look at the bigger picture will serve you well moving forward.


So trust, Dear Ones. Take advantage of having the gift of more rest and time if you have it. If you are still busy because you are in service roles, trust that is for your highest good, as well. Your souls always know exactly what they are doing and will provide you exactly what you need. All you must do is follow your inner wisdom and make decisions one now moment at a time and follow the unfoldment into the new. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


原文: https://trinityesoterics.com/daily-message/

翻译:Nick Chan










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