We have received a question regarding a statement made by Creator energy during a session of deep hypnosis of our channel and conducted by Suzanne Spooner.Bear in mind as you read this that, although the question is specific, it involves the evolution of humanity into its next iteration, and therefore the answer will just as easily apply to many of your current conditions.


我们收到一个问题,关于在我们管道深度催眠中(由Suzanne Spooner进行催眠)造物主能量所做出的一个声明。谨记,随着你阅读,尽管问题是特定的,它涉及人类进化到下一个迭代,因此回答会很容易适用于你们当前的许多情况


In the last Speaking with Self session, Creator spoke about the way many people have dealt with less than loving relationships with others, sometimes learning lessons, other times teaching a lesson. Creator ended by saying this won’t be something we have to experience much longer. Can the Council explain more?”




Once again we draw your attention to the differences between your sequential understanding of “much longer” –meaning a small number of days, weeks, months, etc. –and our understanding, which would put it into a perspective of a number of changes relative to the eternity of your ‘past’and ‘future’.We could have said that you have a relatively few necessary changes to get through before you notice wide-ranging and significant changes in yourselves and therefore your environment.




Many things that you currently see as teaching, as learning, as having been put upon you, or as your having brought upon yourselves, many things that you ‘endure’, will be seen in new ways by you and will become enjoyable and desirable. This is, of course, difficult for you to accept. But understand please that your entire concept of yourselves and your purpose is about to undergo change that you simply do not have the tools to imagine.




If you were to go back through all of the statements that we have made, through this and other channels, and simply accept them as fact, then you might begin to understand. We have, you see, told you many times, in many ways, what you are and what you will know about yourselves when you accept that, but you are still not able to do the accepting. You carry a deal of baggage that you have accepted as true. You are beginning to question these ‘truths’, and are discarding those that you find to have been misleading, fear creating, or intended to control, as you move closer and closer to the next great understanding of yourselves.




You are being shown, in your dreams at night, in your meditations, even in the changes around you, what is possible.If you do not see it, you may not be looking for it yet, or you may not be accepting it. Nothing will seem ‘real’to you that you consider impossible. But the reality at this time is that you are either showing what is possible, or you are increasingly being put in positions to observe what is possible.




When you catch yourself thinking ‘I cannot’ ‘I must not’, ask yourself, “Why can’t I?’ ‘Why mustn’t I?’ ‘Who says so?’ ‘Why do they say so?’ ‘Do I accept that? and if I do, why?’




When you ask these things, when you make these conscious decisions, whatever your decisions may be, you will have taken your own personal power back. This is a very enlightening experience, as you will see.




You are all familiar with the idea of moving to a higher grade in your schools. What is happening now is that you have done enough of that and are now approaching the time to ‘graduate’to a higher institution. University may still be some distance off, but you are leaving grade school.




Thank you for your question.





通灵:Ron Head

翻译:Nick Chan




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