There is something explicitly described many thousands of years ago and announced by many rel·igions and pro·phecies of old and antique folks. This is named THE EVENT! In the recent weeks these texts and prophecies were interpreted and researched freshly again and again.




The Event as interpreted and explained in the old texts and prophecies is a real fact. The Event however will not be as described already. The Event  will be a following-up of sequences which is able to change Mankind and the Galaxy in a total sense.




Changing and rebuilding of mankind in basic forms will take place in the next weeks and months to come. First in small sizes and then at large scales. These changes will accelerate even more rapidly. And these changes will be leading that our collective consciousness will undergo a change all of a sudden like a flash. Consciousness of mankind is on the jump to leave the old energies of the past behind and to break loose from the chains of imprisonment.