In these many rumblings there is calm also.One heart at a time—yours—is able to be that. Your intention is key now, your focus. Let us help you in the ways that are familiar and simple to do. As an example, when you are at a red light and you are stopped from motion, stop from emotion too.




Close your eyes if you can.Take a breath. Call us in. Invoke the great I AM Presence, the great stabilizer of all things. Feel the pure golden light enter you and flood you from crown to root and (through your car) into the Earth. Connect to Gaia, your mother here. Your moment of clear energy helps more than you; it helps those streaming around you in the traffic. It helps the people walking. It helps the intersection too. Truly, your focused attention for the minute or two of stopping will allow you to then continue on with a stable yet subtle grounding. Now you can be touching the infinite and still be grounded. Such is your growth and advancement.




These are times of great upheaval. Nations are fomenting in change. The good life we have long spoken of is emerging out of the rubble. Do not look to the old systems to support you. New ways of thought and clear action arise from you as you take another first step.




We can see your progress in terms of your radiant light and thoughtful heart.You strive to be always better—and you are. But your perfection is not based on the actions you take or even the words you say. You are inherently so excellent in your Being that we could say, not really facetiously, that you could not be more perfect. But in your realms of still-density and distraction, you feel so far from perfect. The deeper truth is that perfection cannot be found nor housed in a strictly third-density life. The restrictions on you are too great. But as you are no longer living solely in third density, you have increased instances of insight, clarity, pure knowing, and soul-supported doing. This is what we see. This is what we applaud. This is who we love: You as evolving Beings of Light who are finding you can shine even in a moment at the red-light corner.




This stopping keeps you steady. Steady as our love for you, which is always, real, present, and in perfect connection to all. Bless you now.





翻译:Nick Chan



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