There are so many limitations that are commonly accepted by your society. A few of these beliefs include the model of the starving artist, or that you must suffer and pay your dues before you can be successful, that there is victimhood in being a single parent, that it is feast or famine if you are self-employed, that aging looks a certain way, that fun is frivolous, that the more selfless you are the more noble you are. You are even told you are born a sinner! All of these beliefs are only true if you believe them to be.




As you move forward in the new energies, following your passions is your highest, most supported path. Your greatest achievements are discovered and best supported by flowing not efforting. You can absolutely be a single parent and be successful (in fact, in many cases it is a blessing because you have the opportunity to be the primary energetic influence on your child and can parent intuitively).




You are shifting into higher vibrational energies that are non-linear. That means your aging process can look and feel more vibrant that you have ever considered possible before. You can align to new levels of abundance through self employment with your quietest times still being more than adequate to sustain you. By following your joy you find your greatest matches. You are evolving beyond martyred service into joyful service that includes and supports everyone involved. And, as a beloved aspect of Source, your essence has always been divine and your beingness has always been more than enough.




These are just a few of the more pervasive beliefs that are societally accepted as true. You are in brand new energies. You are the pioneers, the great drivers and discoverers of the grand shift of consciousness that is occurring on your planet. Explore what else is possible now! We urge all of you to use your awareness to examine all of your beliefs and ask yourselves if they are really true and explore what new potentials are opening up for you when you combine your latest level of attainment with unprecedented energies. You get to choose, Dear Ones, what you wish to create from this point forward from a realm of potential that is beyond anything you have thought possible. What glorious times, indeed! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan







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