Greetings my dearest brothers and sisters. I am Uriel, Archangel of love and bringer of the future in this now, bringer of rapid changes and transformation, holder of the Silver Flame of the truth, your family and constant companion.




I come here to reassure you that you are doing a phenomenal job. I am here to hold your hand and spend some time in gratitude and in appreciation for your commitment to this work of love and light.




You do understand parts of your mission, and you would want to know most of the details, for you are constantly surprised by the twists and the turns of the events in your life. When you see that you have been making huge strides and discoveries your heart rejoices at the brilliance of your divine plan. You are finally becoming aware that not knowing some of the truths, and not being able to see what and who are you dealing with, is indeed for the highest good and the greatest success of your undercover operations.




And I can assure you that you are doing way more clearing, rescuing and refreshing of the space in the shadowy and dark areas that have been hidden from the light and from the love for thousands and thousands of years.




So, when you think of yourselves as merely a stay-at-home mother, a retired lightworker, clerk or bank teller, well, think again my greatest warriors of love. You are far more than that, and you are going deeper and deeper in opening new paths of light. You are rooted deeply and anchored securely into Nova Earth, bringing truth and love, and at the same time bringing millions of souls along with thee.




So, when you are asking me, or you are simply using the Silver Flame to light up your way, when you are going into that knowing place, your silver throne or your comfy armchair around your tri-flame and silver fire…call it what you wish…what you are seeing, hearing or simply perceiving is that which you need to know in the moment so that you can feel at peace, and reassure yourselves that you are on the right track, on the course of light. As humans you are not meant to understand every single truth and aspect of your mission.




Dear Silver Angels, you have pure and gentle hearts and when we talk about trust, when we encourage you to flow with the way your guidance and higher selves are nudging you to go, it is because there is much happening in your realities that you would rather not see and know at this time. Nevertheless, you are dissolving, removing, and eliminating them from existence at a deeper level of your being.




You see, my dear brothers and sisters, this is really not because you are not being trusted or because we like to play that game of hide and seek, but because at this time it is better to learn some of the horrible truths that you are being involved in cleansing and clearing post factum, after you have already succeeded in your mission of rescuing many of the lost ones and after restoring and re-anchoring the light firmly into those remote and forgotten areas of your planet.




You are doing so well and you are so loved and appreciated for your fortitude and for your desire and determination to never stop sprinkling your light by lovingly touching everyone’s heart until the Mother’s Dream has become reality.




I will leave you now with my Silver Light and eternal love. Until next time, farewell.




大天使乌列尔 20171219 你做得很好

通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan


音頻來源: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32oMznO2D90


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