Neutral Situations 



At this point, we once again remind all of you of the following information: 



each and every situation in reality is fundamentally neutral to begin with. 



No situation comes with a "built-in meaning." 



You are brought up to think that certain things must mean a certain thing, because they look a certain way. 



You—subconsciously or unconsciously, and sometimes even consciously—supply the meaning automatically to the neutral situation when it comes along. 



If you assign a positive meaning to a neutral circumstance, you can only get a positive effect out if it. 



If you assign a negative meaning to a neutral circumstance you get a negative effect reflected back. 



I remind you: what we are discussing here is not simply a philosophy but the physics and mechanics of Creation. 



We are not talking about the idea of, as you say, "pretending" that something is positive to you when you really feel it is negative. 

当你对某件事情的真实感受是消极负面时,我不是叫你们,用你们的话说, 假装 它对你是积极正面的


We are not talking about tricking yourself. 



The idea is to be honest in your communication about what you really have been taught to believe a situation means. 



We remind you that no matter how much you may tell yourself over and over again, "This is positive; this is positive; this is positive"

我在此提醒大家:不论你一而再,再而三地告诉自己: 这是积极的,这是正面的;这是积极的,这是正面的


you're actually shaking with fear while you say that, what you are really saying is you believe, "It is negative, it is negative, it is negative" 

只要你在说话过程中,因为恐惧而有丝毫颤抖,那其实说明你相信: 这是消极的,这是负面的;这是消极的,这是负面的


and that is why you need so much positive reinforcement. 



Any time you feel you have to continue to keep "protecting", you are actually saying you believe more strongly in the negative side of a situation's power, 

任何时候,只要你感觉到自己不得不   持续地要去 保护 (什么东西),那其实已经表明你更加相信这种境况的消极一面的力量


rather than simply trusting in your choice to see it as something positive and letting it go at that direction, 



knowing if that is the choice you have made to see it that way, it cannot change into a negative unless you choose it to do so. 





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