Dear friends,




I greet you all from the heart of the Christ energy. I speak from the Christ energy that moves within you and takes you into a different kind of reality, into a field of collective consciousness that differs from the current consciousness on Earth.




You are different from the mass of humanity. You are the pioneers of a new age, and you are searching to create a path through new territory. The work you are doing is important and requires a lot from you. You create energetic tracks for others to follow toward a new form of consciousness.




We know it is a lonely road. On it, you encounter fears that you do not know how to handle well. Also, because you belong to a vanguard, a group of pioneers, you can not fall back on anything familiar. You are showing society a new way, and so you can not rely on old structures. You are brave and courageous, yet at the same time you encounter dark doubts on this lonely path to something new. In order to make clear where you came from, and how you arrived on this path, I will take you back to a distant past.


我们知道这是一条孤独的道路。在路上,你遭遇你不知道如何处理的恐惧。还有,因为你是一个先锋,一群先锋,你无法依靠任何熟悉的东西。你在展示社会一个新的方式 / 道路,所以你不能依靠旧的结构。你是勇敢的、无畏的,但同时你遭遇阴暗的怀疑,在这条通往新事物的孤独道路上。为了说清楚你来自哪里,你如何踏上这条道路,我会带你回到遥远的过去


I would like to take you back to the period of paradise that is referred to in the Bible as the Garden of Eden where lived the first humans, Adam and Eve. I ask you to let go of everything your tradition has told you about this period and place. In that garden, there was so much life that germinated and sought new forms. All kinds of forms developed in the plant and animal kingdoms, as well as in the rock and mineral kingdoms, and you were there in that garden. The Earth was abundant and full of life and you were part of that, not as human beings, but as ethereal beings in the form of angels. You hovered as angels over the Earth, and with your thought forms, you inspired her to become fruitful.




How did you go about doing that? You yourselves were on a path; you had taken on an adventure. In your angel essence, there was an urge to explore, a curiosity about journeying into the new. So at some point in your long journey you arrived on planet Earth. You felt that something new was beginning here, something special, something rich. As an angel being you felt attracted to the Earth. It gave you a happy feeling to be able to be here and to explore the possibilities present here. So it was that as you moved around on Earth, you were attracted to enter into a stone or a plant or a tree, or into a bird. You carefully imbued these material forms with your consciousness, and you dived in and out of them.


你是如何去做的呢?你处于一条道路上;你在进行一场冒险;在你的天使本质中,有着一个探索的冲动,一个对通往新事物之旅的好奇心。所以在你漫长旅程中的某个点,你到达了地球。你感到有什么新的东西正在这里开始,特殊的东西,丰富的东西。作为一个天使存在,你被地球吸引。能够处于这里,探索存在于这里的可能性让你快乐。所以随着你在地球上四处移动,你被吸引进入一块石头或一棵植物或一棵树或一只鸟。你小心翼翼地将你的意识注入到这些物质形态中,你潜入 / 潜出


Had you been able to laugh, you would have done that, too, but you did not yet have a body with which to do it. You were as children: playful, full of confidence, full of love. You felt invited to take part in a great creation process that was taking place on Earth; you were co-creators of that reality. Can you sense how grand that moment was, that whole period when you were involved with Earth and the process of creation? You sent your energy toward the Earth: light energy that inspired the material forms on Earth to grow into all kinds of living beings. This evolution was influenced from without by the ethereal, angel beings that you were.




At some point, you decided to experience, from within, these creatures made of matter, so you made the decision to become a part of Earth. You actually chose to incarnate in a dense form, a body, and to stay in it from birth to death. This was quite a big leap in your evolution. A lot of time transpired during that process and I now omit many of the steps involved. But there came a time when you wanted to experience what it was like to be embodied as a human. After you had practiced with the bodies of other life forms, the culmination of that process came as incarnation in human bodies.




It is important that you imagine and understand how the angel being in you is light and flowing, flexible and free, and how it knows no scarcity. An angel lives from abundance and has little experience of resistance. It goes to the places, to the realities, where it feels it is invited. It follows its heart without effort and without doubt, and always discovers and experiences new things. So when you stepped into human bodies, new emotions of misunderstanding and inexperience certainly emerged with the life in this new material form, and that experience was new, also.




With your inquisitive, open mind, you took in everything. But over time – and here again I am speaking about very long periods of time – you lost part of your light. Part of the freedom you had known as an angel became veiled by life in matter. All of a sudden, you began to experience reality limited by a body: with your eyes, you see one thing; with your nose, you smell another; with your hands, you feel this or that. All those senses result in a fragmented sense of reality. The experience of the world felt very different coming through an earthly consciousness, a human consciousness. The ever-present light was then no longer easily accessible and tangible for you. However, you always carried a memory of that light within yourself, even as you went farther on the journey into incarnation: manifesting yourself in matter, in a body, and in this way building, working, and living in a new energetic reality.


伴随着你的好奇心、开放的心态,你拾取一切。但随着时间的推移 --- 我说的是非常长的一段时间 --- 你拾取了你的一部分光。你作为天使知晓的一部分自由被物质生命遮蔽。突然间,你开始体验被身体限制的现实:伴随着眼睛,你看到一样东西;伴随着鼻子,你闻到一样东西;伴随着手,你感到这个或那个东西。所有这些感受是由一个破碎的现实感知导致的。通过一个世俗的意识,一个人类的意识,世界的体验会感觉起来很不一样。永恒存在的光对你来说就不再容易访问和有形。无论如何,你之内总是携带着关于那个光的记忆,即使你在化身的旅程中越走越远:显化在物质中,身体中,在这样的方式中建造、工作、生活在一个新的现实中


You all have reached the deepest point of your incarnation process and you are now on a path of return. That deepest point also represents the darkest point. There comes a time when the soul becomes so submerged in matter that it no longer knows its original angel being, no longer feels it. It thinks the physical reality is all there is: “I am my body, I am my brain. My thinking, my doing, my acting is guided from matter, not from spirit.” As a result, you can also begin to feel powerless, sad, and distressed. Things can become meaningless, because you no longer feel guidance; you no longer have a sense of being imbued with that inner light that is your Home, your origin and source.




There comes a time in every soul’s journey when you reach the farthest possible point away from your angel self. Feel for a moment how you know this from your own experience. That place where you know: “I have touched the farthest point and time. I have come to know the deepest darkness, and this is part of my journey, of my exploration, of my adventure. This is not bad or good; this is simply how it is.” You are now working your way back.




However, in the process of ex-incarnating, in leaving the densest parts of matter, you have trouble getting free from the darkness and the fears that you encounter within yourself, which have come about because you felt rejected by your inner light, by who you essentially are. I encourage you to look deeply at those fears. It is now time to step out of those fears, time to let them go. They have served you in their own way and you have learned much from them.




The Christ consciousness is none other than that of having tasted and experienced all the facets of being in matter. From this experience emerges an understanding and compassion for all that is, breathes, and feels. To know this from within all life’s facets is inner wealth. You have done all this, although you are still working with it.




This is a time of change and transition, and you are among the first to struggle through it. Particularly in the field of work – where you are in contact with society and with all the collective ideas and thought patterns that exist there – this is exactly where you encounter yourself. On the one hand, because you want to go down a different path and, on the other hand, it is there where those old fears are triggered.


这是一个改变和转变的时刻,你是第一个奋力通过它的人。尤其在工作场域 --- 你与社会、集体观念、思维模式接触的地方 --- 这是你遭遇自己的地方。一方面,因为你想要踏上一条不同的道路,另一方面,在那里那些旧的恐惧被触发


Your past has taught you a lot about what is “good” and what is “bad”, about what can be and what can not be. Yet the only thing that is really good for you, what leads you to your destiny, is the inner voice of authentic being. Being authentic means to listen to yourself and to not be distracted by all the information that is coming your way from “out there”, which tells you what to do and what not to do. The “secret” that alludes you is that your thinking and your fears are also information from “out there” and do not come from your deepest core, from your inner knowing. It is all external information.




As soon as you truly begin to know that you are not your fears, that you are not your inner judgments, then your awareness shifts. You are then centered in the seat of your heart, in the core of your being. The sun that you are has always been there, but is now truly embodied in matter from where it wants to radiate outward. It wants to once again inspire the Earth with its light, but now in an actual, tangible sense of the word – from matter in a body. Not as an etheric angel, but as a human being, an incarnate angel.


一旦你真正开始明白你不是你的恐惧,你不是你的内在评判,然后你的意识就会转变。你就会居中于心,你存在的核心。你所是的太阳总是在那,但现在已经体现在物质形态中,它想要向外放射。它想要再次用它的光启发地球,但现在处于一个实际的有形的世界中 --- 在一个身体中。不是作为优雅的天使,而是作为人类,一个化身的天使


This is the light you have come here to bring. This is the meaning of being a lightworker. That you find your origin amidst an earthly reality that is involved in a struggle, where there exist many fears, blockages, and judgments. You become free when you identify with that angel within you. And to that end, I would like to offer you some alternative approaches.




On Earth, you have been trained in thinking and doing – to the extreme. From an early age your education has focused on outward manifestations: What can you do? What can you produce? How well can you put things into words, conceptualize, categorize, and label? These are all external constructs. Thinking and doing are essentially earthly instruments to bring outward expression to your soul’s energy. These instruments should serve your soul’s energy, but what often happens is that your soul’s energy is veiled or suppressed by these instruments. If thinking is considered important in and of itself, without finding nourishment from the heart, from the intuition, then it begins to lead a life of its own. It becomes chaotic and panic-stricken, because thinking by itself does not possess unity. Many thought processes can run through you at the same time – information from several sources – thus resulting in fragmented energy.


在地球上,你的思想和行为被训练去朝向极端。从小你的教育就是专注于外在的表现:你可以做什么?你可以生产什么?你可以多好地表达、概念化、分类和标签事物?这些都是外在的构造。思想和行为本质上都是尘世的工具,把外在的表达带给你的灵魂能量。这些工具应该服务你的灵魂能量,但经常发生的是你的灵魂能量被这些工具遮蔽或抑制。如果思想被认为是很重要的,而不寻找来自于心、直觉的滋养,那么它就会开始自己的生活。它会变得无秩序和惊慌失措,因为思想并不拥有统一。许多的思维进程会同时运行 --- 来自各个源头的信息 --- 因此导致了精力分散


The only thing that can truly unite is the heart. Thoughts are useful and functional, as they help to make your soul’s energy flow outward. The same applies to actions, but there reigns in your society a kind of obsession with doing. You are always working on things. You think that a lot can be achieved through action, and you are disappointed when it turns out that this brings you to a dead end. What I mean by that is that you are often taught to act too quickly, and to not follow the rhythm of your soul: that inner knowing that some things proceed more slowly and require more time to develop than simply thinking and acting. The outer demands ask of you to accomplish something quickly, to achieve something now, to perform sooner rather than later.




There are all those requirements and rules that “must be done”, but they all are control mechanisms trying to take charge of life. Life is no longer being inspired by the fluid, agile energy of the angel of your higher self. And so in this way, the angel gets stuck in the processes of thinking and doing. You sense this when you become frustrated, when things do not work out. It becomes even more difficult when there is external information that says: “You have to work harder – to do your best”. Or, you have to set new rules for yourself, such as: “Be more disciplined”. That is the way the solutions from the head work, but that is not where the true solution lies. That solution does not lie in structures, in planning, and in thinking. That solution, that answer, lies within, in the source of your being. From there springs everything.


有着各种要求和规则“必须去完成”,但它们都是控制机制去试图掌控生活。生活不再被你更高自我的天使能量(流动的,敏捷的)启发。所以在这样的方式中,天使困于思想和行为的进程中。你感到了这一点,你变得沮丧,当事物并不奏效。当外在的信息说:“你必须更加努力工作 --- 尽力而为”或者,你必须为自己设置新的规则,比如:“变得更守规矩”,事情就会更加困难。这是来自头脑的解决方案,但这不是真正的解决方案存在的地方。解决方案并不存在于结构、计划、思想中。解决方案、答案位于内在,你存在的源头中。一切都源自于那里


Make friends with thinking and doing, but do not allow them to dictate everything. Find moments where you experience calm, when you allow the thoughts and actions to be silent. Try not to obsess over results – follow your heart. If it tells you that you feel like it is time to do something, do it. If it tells you not to do such and such, listen to that voice. You see that way of responding in children. They follow the natural flow so much more easily than do adults. That is why, as a parent or teacher, you feel that children can sometimes be stubborn and annoying. But they follow their natural flow, their natural rhythm. A child learns in its own time and at its own pace. It creates things from within its own being.


与思想和行为交朋友,但不要让它们决定一切。找到你体验平静、你让思想和行为安静的时刻。不要痴迷于结果 --- 跟随你的心。如果它让你感到是时候去做什么了,就去做。如果它告诉你不要去做,聆听那个声音。你可以在孩童中看到这个响应方式。他们跟随自然的流动,比起成年人更容易。所以,作为父母或老师,你会感到孩子有时候是顽固的、烦人的。但他们跟随他们自然的流动、自然的韵律。孩子在自己的时间和速率中学习。它从内在创造事物


That was also the case for the angel being that you were originally, in that Garden of Eden in that ancient time. You were as playful and free as a child, and you created wonders. It was magical. And if you had asked such an angel: “How do you do it? How do you know what you have to do?” Then such an angel would have said: “I do nothing, I just play. I do what comes to me, what inspires me”. And yet from such an inner wisdom and love the angel knew its way. All this is also present in you – now. The only purpose of the exercises we do here is to help you wake up. You are that angel self; give free rein to that angel. Find times when you can feel that playfulness, that joy. In that way, your energy starts to flow again.


在远古时期的伊甸园,你最初的天使存在也是这样。你和孩子一样爱嬉戏和自由,你创造神奇。这是不可思议的。如果你问一个天使:“你是怎么做到的?你怎么知道你该做什么?”那个天使就会说:“我什么都没在做,我只是在玩耍。我做向我前来的东西,启发我的东西。”但从这样一个内在的智慧和爱,天使知道自己的道路。这一切也存在于你之内 --- 现在。我们在这里所做的练习的唯一目的就是帮助你醒来。你就是那个天使自我;去放纵那个天使。寻找你可以感到那个嬉戏、喜悦的时间。如此,你的能量会开始再次流动


When you are caught up in “things”, and you feel frustrated, anxious, or despondent, you are stuck in “thinking” and “doing”; a “doing” that has become stagnant. When your thoughts follow a pattern such as: “I have to do this, but I can’t seem to make it work”, you are stuck in the “doing” mode. What needs to happen is to cast off both those energies – the thinking and the doing, along with the compulsion that is inherent in them, so as to be free of them and to get back to that child within yourself, the angel being. The child and the angel are connected.


当你陷入“事物”,你会感到沮丧、焦虑或失望,你困于“思想”和“行为”中。一个变得停滞不前的“行为”。当你的思想跟随一个模式,比如:“我必须做这个,但看似我无法让它有效”,你困于“行为”的模式。需要发生的是摆脱这两个能量 --- 思考和行为,连同它们包含的强迫,所以去摆脱它们,返回内在的孩童,天使存在。孩童和天使是相连的


I ask you to now experience this feeling while we sit here, every person simply being themselves without their own collection of problems or questions. My energy is here with you all. I want to ask you to rely on this angel consciousness within yourself. It will lead the way to where you can find your own freedom and feel: “I’m here of my own volition. I’m a master in the depths of my being. I create this adventure for myself and I will receive all I need – “I am complete”. Say “Yes” to this consciousness and view your fears and doubts from this inner place within yourself.


我现在请求你去体验这个感受,每个人只是去做自己,而没有自己的问题或麻烦。我的能量在这里与你们同在。我想要请求你依靠内在的天使意识。它会引领你到达你可以找到自己智慧的地方并感到:“我是自愿来的。在我的存在深处我是一个大师。我为自己创造了这个冒险,我会接收我所需的一切 --- 我是完整的。”对这个意识说“ yes” ,从这个内在之地看待你的恐惧和怀疑


Keep in mind that garden, that paradise, in which you once lived, and believe that you can bring that energy into the here and now. You can work wonders, but you do not have to know how. Just open to that inner consciousness that you have carried with you forever and allow all things to happen – spontaneously and naturally.


谨记,伊甸园,天堂,你曾经生活的地方,相信你可以把那个能量带到这里。你可以创造奇迹,但你不需要知道如何去做。只是敞开你永远携带着的内在意识,让一切发生 --- 自然地



通灵:Pamela Kribbe

翻译:Nick Chan



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