原创 2017-11-30 仙女星系人 新纪元扬升之光

The Andromedansvia Galaxygirl, November 27th, 2017




GreetingsHumanity! We are the Andromedans and it is our delight to connect with you onthis day.

For muchis occurring on your surface world that indeed not only interests us, but all ofyour Galactic brothers and sisters as well! For you see, we are all united,connected. What you do creates a ripple across the multiverse truly – such ahard concept to integrate and accept when thrust into separation, but it istrue. That is why both your individual and collective light are so important.For we are all a part of oneness. Every thought, every deed of kindness andservice create ripples that eventually build up and create enormous waves ofchange on a galactic scale, which is exactly what is occurring in this Now,both yours and ours!





Does thisexcite you as it excites us? Are you honored to know that your ripplesindividually are making their mark across time and space? The horror show thatyou have been immersed in for too long has ended. Now it is time for you torealize the show is over, the curtain lifted and the lights are on. People willbe blinking as their consciousness adjusted to the bright light of Source andunity conscious that is bombarding your beautiful planet with waves and wavesof love. Love and light of the highest order are making their way here tointegrate and restore that which was broken.

Weencourage you dear family to integrate these new light codes with firmintention, for they are Source’s gift that you. Accept them deeply into thequiet heart space of you and claim your new life. Claim your new reality. Buildit with your brothers and sisters. Hold hands and hearts and realize the greatstrength of unification and of oneness.





WeAndromedans are delighted to be a part of serving you all in this time ofunprecedented change. Many of us are among you serving quietly, so make sure tosmile freely at all around you as we are all in a state of serving each other.Whether or not this is fully realized yet, it is all right. All is well.

We areeager to lend, explain and teach our technologies to you, for that will createsuch advancement and excitement on your surface world and we eagerly anticipatethis revival of Science. We Andromedans love the field of Science and its’advancement. It greatly interests and excites us. We have reached a state ofour own evolvement where we all work in cohesive unity with each other and withour technology and we all communicate very effectively. We have no secrets becausewe have nothing to hide. Our desire is for all to have everything that isneeded and our society has been smoothly running this way for a great while.





It is bothexciting and a great honor to be a part of assisting other civilizationsachieve this cohesive state of unity with technology in a way that only helpsfor the greatest good of all kind. We have no subversive agenda. We do notthink this way. We only pledge our love and service wrapped in Source-light toall of our brothers and sisters. For we are all one.

We loveyou. We are the Andromedans and it is our delight, our honor and our pleasureto connect with you today. We are as close as you wish us to be. We invite youto our healing pods on our ships to assist with integrating these awesome newlight codes for your own personal and collective advancement. Peaceout. (We do so enjoy your human phrases.)










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