This years 11:11 Gateway there will be a powerful Wave of Light Initiations from the Stellar and Cosmic Councils of Light. This will be an Initiation of Star Fire Light Codes that will rapidly raise the Frequencies on Earth to accelerate the Awakening that is taking place.


今年的 1111 门户会有一个强大的光之波浪从恒星以及宇宙光之议会(复数)而来。这会是一个星星之火( Star Fire )光之代码的启动,这会快速提升地球的频率来加速正在发生的觉醒


The 11:11 Portal is under the guardianship of the Pleiadians, and is on the same Astrological axis as the 5:5 Gateway, that of Taurus and Scorpio, and it is associated with the Awakening of the Buddha and with the Spiritual Energies of the Collective Awareness.


1111 门户在昴宿星的监护下,和 55 门户(金牛座和天蝎座)处于相同的占星学轴线,它与佛陀的觉醒和集体意识的精神能量有关


At this time, a powerful transmission of Star Fire Light Codes will be received on Earth in the form of a Light / Sound Wave that will be an Initiation and an Activation of the Newly Energized NEW Earth Time Spiral.


在这个时刻,一个强大的星星之火光之代码的传输会在光 / 声波的形式中被地球接收,会启动和激活新的充满活力的新地球时间螺旋


This will Not be received as a single wave, but as a Series of Waves each carrying different Codes or instructions from the Divine Heart to Activate the NEW Earth in the Consciousness of the Collective.




At this time, those who have agreed at the SOUL level to Awaken, sill BE Activated by these Waves and will suddenly Awaken to join this rising Wave of NEW Consciousness.




Those of you who work with Light Codes and Language of Light will Be Empowered and Guided to "translate" these "Codes" for the benefit of those in your tribe and community. You may feel Guided to Paint, Draw, Sound, Sing or Dance these Star Fire Codes into physical manifestation.




At this time of the 11:11, the Pleiadians will be very Active in working with you to assist you to Activate the Human Angelic Template and embody the SOUL in Divine LOVE as proof of this process.


在这个 1111 ,昴宿星会非常活跃来与你共事,协助你激活人类天使模版,体现处于神圣之爱中的灵魂,作为这个进程的证据


As specialists in In Human / Animal and Plant DNA on Earth, they will guide you through Light Code Activations and Collective Activations.


作为人类 / 动物 / 植物 DNA 的专家,他们会指引你通过光之代码激活和集体激活


The Arcturians have also been commissioned to guide a Multi-representational Group that will work with Earth, including Lyrans, Sirians and Andromedans. These ones will assist with their particular means of Light Communication and Connection.




At the 11:11 you may, therefor, feel guided to join a Group or Community to experience the Star Fire Light Code initiations as a Group. You may also feel drawn to channel these Codes in some way and to keep a record of the information that is given to you in these Codes in a journal.


1111 ,你可能会感到被指引去加入一个团体或社区来作为一个团体体验星星之火光之代码的启动。你还可能被吸引去在某种方式中引导这些代码,在日记中记载这些代码所给予你的信息


The Angelic Beings, the Elohim and Seraphim, will continue to empower transmissions of the Angelic Frequencies of Light and Colour to support these Initiations and the Awakening process in general.




TimeLines, SpaceTime and Slowing Down the Tempo of Life.




So, we wish you a Wonderful Journey into these New Light Codes and New ways of BEing as you stand on the threshold of this powerful NEW Earth Time Spiral.




Move forward with Confidence and Joy, Knowing that this is the Time that you have waited for!








通灵:Celia Fenn

翻译:Nick Chan



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