So many of you are dedicated to service, to making a difference, to giving.But are you equally adept at receiving?




Dear Ones, the universe works in ebbs and flows in order to create balance and support for everyone involved. Receiving is an essential component of being part of that whole.




Do you accept help? Can you love yourself enough to ask for help if you need it? Do you practice good self care? Do you see your needs as being equally important as everyone else’s? Can you accept a compliment?




Do you acknowledge your own innate goodness? Do you include yourself in your unconditional love? Can you allow yourself to shift from the old paradigm of martyred service into the new paradigm of joyful, supported service?




When you allow yourself to receive, you let others experience the joy that comes from service and giving.You let them lead with their hearts, and to connect with you in a loving way. From that perspective, you can see that receiving is just as much an act of service as giving is.




If you have been having issues with monetary abundance, you may wish to explore any ways you say no to receiving due to old habits or conditioning. How can you loosen that up and release those old beliefs? Have you been constricting how the universe can deliver to you? Can you make a declaration today that you are ready to surrender into a flow that includes receiving?




Do you see? Holding yourself separate is contrary to the ascension process which is focused on moving into unity consciousness. Embrace the joy of both giving AND receiving, and you will be working with the energies that are designed to lift everyone up in the most wonderful ways. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young





翻译:Nick Chan





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