These children are more advanced than ever before,not just innately but more advanced on a cellular and chemical level as well.Parents are faced with raising very different children then ever before and what has worked before will not be sufficient with this new breed of children.


In the last 7 years or so there has been a drastic change in the babies,they are born more alert than ever before.Children have always held a very high vibration because they have no limiting beliefs to hold them back and are always living in the now moment.


Previously,we all came to earth to experience duality the children today are showing us how to live in the higher dimensions.More of their brain is activated therefore,you will see new abilities and skills.These abilities include:psychic abilities,healing,amazing creativity,the manipulation of numbers at a very young age and they also will be able to see the energies around people and strangers.I meet kids like this all the time.It's very apparent the higher awareness in kids.


But,I cannot say it enough how vaccinations are destroying that awareness in the children ESPECIALLY THE BOYS!I believe they are targeting the males of the human species for the reason of eliminating a future threat.Look around and pay attention to the children who suffer from what they call the spectrum of Autism,I call it the level of brain damage that a child has suffered.


We all have these abilities coded in our DNA but they have laid dormant for sometime,these kids are born with all these abilities already activated.I met a three year old boy who still wore pull ups and could barely put a sentence together or pronounce words for that matter recite the entire alphabet clear as a bell.It's like a switch turned on he didn't even sound like the same kid.Then he'd go back to just garbled words.It was strange.Many of these kids will be telepathic and will be able to send and receive messages near or far...distance won't matter.These parents of these children must cultivate their abilities because if they are not utilized these skills and abilities will weaken over time.

我们都有这些能力编码在我们的 DNA 中,但它们已经潜伏了一段时间,这些孩子出生时就已经激活了所有这些能力。我遇到了一个三岁的男孩,他仍然穿着引体向上的衣服,几乎不能把句子组合在一起,也不能清晰地念出整个字母表。就像开启了一个开关,他听起来甚至不像同一个孩子了。然后他又会回到那些乱七八糟的话。这很奇怪。这些孩子中的许多会有心灵感应,能够发送和接收近或远的信息......距离不再重要。这些孩子的父母必须培养他们的能力,因为如果他们不利用这些技能和能力将随着时间的推移而削弱。

The physical and genetic makeup of these children are different than any previous humans before.They will demand a whole new way of learning,they will revamp the education system.The outdated system as of today simply will not work.These children are the future and will embrace difference instead of fear it.They are the dawning of a whole new civilization.



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