Greetings dear one! I AM St. Germaine, I am your brother and family, I am the alchemist, the magician. I am the teacher, but so are you, my friends, so are you all of these and more. You are the messengers of the Mother, you are the bearers of my torch of Violet Flame of Transmutation, you are the I AM, you are each a powerful creator.


问候,亲爱的一们!我是圣哲曼,我是你的兄长和家人,我是炼金术士,魔法师。我是老师,但你也是,我的朋友们,你也是这些东西以及更多。你是母亲的信使,你是我转变的紫罗兰火炬的承载者,你就是我是(I AM),你们每个人都是强大的创造者


And I come here to reiterate the fact that you are powerful and that you are bigger than any obstacle that you have placed on your paths. Remember this truth when you allow for that millisecond to feel overwhelmed by the craziness of these energies rising up from the demolition of the old paradigm. Remember that there is no problem or situation arising for which you do not have the knowing to solve with ease and grace. Look no further than within and allow the answers to emerge and bring you that certitude that you are always in charge, that you know what to do next!




You are infinite wisdom. You are beautiful beings of light that can create miracles of love in the middle of any storm. In the midst of the chaos, you can still be the most inspiring creators and beacons of light and love for all.




Can you see how others are being attracted to you for your peaceful and strong demeanor, for that ease and total acceptance that they feel while in your presence, and for the love and knowledge that you impart to them selflessly? Stand strong and centered beloved ones, for you have been chosen and rightfully so, as the most resilient and resourceful warriors of the peace and as the founders and the creators of the Nova Earth.




You do not have to stop that inspired living, that nova creating and co-creating with all of us in the higher realms because there seems to be some old debris that has come up for you to clear! You see, you can clean and do the dusting and at the same time sing and smile with joy and gratitude for this wonderful time of now that you have created for your selves. You can tend to your old selves and to your new ones by bringing them all into the same moment of now, and by loving, healing, and purifying the past with the same excitement and adventurous feeling with which you would work on a future project.




There is no need to separate them and/or to judge any of them as good or bad, as desirable or not, or as a failure by you to be that which you envision to be a master and ascended self. You are attracting to your sweet selves that which you are ready to experience, and it is meant to assist you in expanding and growing further. Do not be afraid to use the Violet Flame in any situation that doesnt feel light and loving. In fact, ask me to turn up the Violet Flame so you can breeze swiftly through the current turmoil and chaos. Torch away all the fears and worries in the moment they arise, and then lets transmute all these doubts that you might still have in your dear selves.




When you do so, you uncover your light fully, and there is no need to do much else. Since, when you are your pure and whole self, it is natural to bring forth and create only that which is of love and harmony, only that which is aligned with the highest purpose and greatest good of all. This is the effortless creation that you have been preparing for so long, this is the time to have fun.




Lets celebrate where you are in this very moment and allow the shifting into that ascended self be a permanent one!




Cheers dear hearts! It is a pleasure to be working with all of you. Farewell for now.




通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan


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