Do you perpetually keep your success one step away?Do you believe in no pain, no gain? Do you think if you work hard enough you will eventually be rewarded? Do you think if you can just somehow be good enough you’ll be blessed? Are your rewards always coming but never seem to arrive?




The problem with all of those belief systems is they keep you out of your place of power which is the now moment. They depend upon some threshold being met, some future alignment that you hope will come. When is the pain enough for gain? When have you worked hard enough? At what point do you decide you are worthy enough?




Dear Ones, please hear us when we say that you are sovereign beings and you get to claim your energetics and alignment in this right now moment. There is not some secret measurement that decides if and when you are good enough to be rewarded because you are inherently good and worthy. The reason why those old beliefs will sometimes bear fruit is because you decide when you think you’ve worked hard enough to be worthy enough to receive and then allow the reward to come.




Of course, taking action towards goals is wonderful and how you expand and experience new things.But those steps should be taken because they bring you joy, are a means of how you wish to express yourself, and are working with the flow from a state of alignment, empowerment, and worthiness.




So how do you switch into creating from the power centre of the Now moment? Be present. Embrace your authentic goodness and sovereignty and allow it to lead the way. Be willing to receive in the right now moment. Practice gratitude to acknowledge the blessings and abundance you already have. Follow your heart. Connect and allow your abundance to pour to you directly from Source, because the fact is you have always been a beloved part of that greater whole. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young





翻译:Nick Chan




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