great ones,




approximately 72 hours ago a faint encoded signal was detected by the earth alliance emanating from a lyran transport ship traveling inbound through the solar portal.


大约 72 小时前,一个微弱的编码信号被地球联盟探测到,来自一艘通过太阳门户入境的天琴座运输飞船


the decoded communications transmission displayed the signature of a 12d lyran plasma craft with approximately 6000 lyran light beings on board!


解码的传输表明有一艘 12D 天琴座等离子飞船(上面大约有 6000 名天琴座光之存有)到来


certain members of the earth alliance, which is a powerful group of inside pleiadian beings stationed on the surface, receive these galactic transmissions etherically from benovlent races in our solar system, decode them and process them for release to the starseed community of planet earth!




here is the decoded contents of the message:




greetings great beings of light!




we are the lyrans of the 12th dimension!


我们是第 12 维度的天琴星人


we have come close to you in the greatest moment in your earth history!




we have come to tell you a great story of your home, and...




have come to walk you back home!




parts of our message here is specifically coded to provoke your emotional body which in turn will trigger and further activate your spiritual body!




dear ones, our great ships are near your sun even now, and our earth scout ships can be seen cloaked in the clouds of earth's atmosphere!




we introduce ourselves as ambassadors of the highest worlds of this universe!




we are known and respected form ancient days as the most advanced civilization in the universe. we do not say this in pride but in great humbleness and love! it is simply just a fact of what is!




we have been referred to by many names in ancient spiritual writings and teachings.




the most elite beings of lyra have been called the elohim, the wingmakers, the prime archangels, the seraphim, and many other names.


天琴座最顶级的精英被称为神( elohim 希伯来圣经中上帝用语)、造翼者、最初的大天使、六翼天使等等


while our bodies are composed of extra amounts of feline and bird dna, and while we are much taller than 3d humans, we are in fact just as human looking as the humans of earth!


虽然我们的身体是由大量的猫科和鸟类 DNA 组成,虽然我们比 3D 的人类要高很多,事实上我们长的就像地球上的人类


why are we here in your solar system now?




dear one, your earth is moving into a region of the galaxy that is leading to increasing cosmic energies impacting our sun and altering human dna.


亲爱的,地球正在进入银河系的一个范围,会导致越来越多宇宙的能量影响我们的太阳并改变人类的 DNA


the energetic change underway on earth will lead to many changes in human society including major disclosures of advanced technologies, secret space programs, and extraterrestrial life.




an acceleration and heightening of electromagnetic energy from the central sun and other cosmic energies have been building since august 2018 that will cause a profound ‘frequency shift’in consciousness on planet earth!


一个来自中央太阳和其它宇宙能量的电磁能的加速与加剧,从 2018 8 月起就在建立,会对地球上的意识造成一个深刻的“频率转变”


the universal directive says we should not interfere in the evolution of another species, yet we have felt the deep pain of suffering you have endured and it was decided by the high council of the galactic federation of worlds that enough is enough and we have come to stick our hand directly in the ascension affairs of planet earth!




there are many star races now in your solar system lining up for your great ascension event and just like the other benevolent et races, we are to support you and stand beside you in this grand time!




we are here to assist you in reaching perfection in your great ascension mission on planet earth!




oh dear one, you have journeyed for so long! we came to give you a message of great hope to help you reach the finish line!




you see, once in what you call the past, we faced the same issues you are now facing on planet earth, so as the elders that we are, we have a duty to come and speak with you now about how to move forward in your grand evolution in the most effective way!




our grand story:




let us begin by speaking of the teaching of the 3 suns of this universe:


让我们先开始述说这个宇宙中 3 个太阳的教导:


dear one, there are 3 primary suns of this universe in relation to planet earth!


亲爱的,这个宇宙中有着 3 个主要的太阳与地球有关!


all three of the suns are living conscious beings!




there is the sun of earth's solar system,




there is the central sun which stores the akashic records (all the knowledge and data of this universe),and




the great central sun which is at 12d!


处于 12D 的大中央太阳


the great central sun is what is called source energy and is the living, infinite conscious, energy that many call god! it is the source of all that is in this universe!




at the beginning of the great cosmic journey we are all on, prime creator (source) created the 7 cosmic creators to be exact images of itself!


在我们所处的伟大的宇宙之旅的开端,最初造物主(源头)创造了 7 个“宇宙的创造者”,完全按照它的样子


these 7 grand beings created all other things in this universe, including the earth and human beings!


7 个宏伟的存在创造了这个宇宙中其它的一切,包括地球和人类


in those ancient days, our glorius crystal city in the 12th dimension was the first creation in this universe!


在远古时期,我们第 12 维度中辉煌的水晶城市是这个宇宙中的第一个造物


the celestial mansions and great temples of lyra are all composed of beautiful translucent rainbow-colored andara crystal!




andara crystal technology is very powerful energy technology that originates in the 12th dimension and was passed down to our descendants, the pleiadians who gave it to the first civilizations on earth, the lemurians, and the atlanteans!


安达拉水晶技术是非常强大的能量技术,源于第 12 维度,被传递给我们的晚辈,昴宿星人,他们给予了地球上第一个文明,利穆里亚,亚特兰蒂斯


40-hertz, 5d andara energy is the crystalline grid energy that is forming the new earth matrix and plays a big role in your modern spiritual evolution!


40 赫兹, 5D 安达拉能量是正在形成新地球矩阵的水晶网格能量,在你们现代的精神进化中扮演着重大的角色


the greatest knowing you will every come to is when you wake up and remember who you truly are!




after, this, the second greatest knowing is when you discover your infinite creator god power!




you will discover that you can create anything, with no limits simply by emitting the thought and feeling energy that aligns with what you want to create!




this process can be sped up by thousands of times by using crystal amplifiers to boost your auric energy field!




this is only one of many applications of quantum, monatomic andara energy technology!




the great central sun above lyra shines eternal light on our heavenly city and this multi-dimensional light is refracted down to the central sun at the galactic core, then bounded off earth's sun, then sent on to earth!




this light is intelligent!




divine, advanced data packets are carried on cosmic solar rays throughout the universe until they reach a receptacle, in a human body on earth!




this light is decoded by and stored ib the cells of the human body vessel and is broadcast back out etherically to other body vessels!




this is how cosmic evolution works and you are playing a major part in it all!




your mission is to spread this light to every dark corner of this world great one!




we came at this moment to simply remind you of this!




to get to heaven great one you must simply align your self with it vibrationally!




heaven is not a place but a state of being that begins inside of you!




be still for a moment and go inside first to find this amazing celestial realm, then it will begin to appear all around you, in your outer world!




yes, great one there is a beautiful heaven in the 5th dimension, at the galactic core, that is beyond your wildest dreams, but there are heavens beyond heavens dear one and we tell you the truth, "this kingdom has no end!"




our grand city, lyra is infinitely beautiful and is the ultimate heaven above heavens!




there are two great columns at the entrance of lyra with living lions guarding the gate!




this is what you call the lion's gate!




12-d lyra is the home of the highest celestial beings that ever existed!


12D 天琴座是最高神圣存在的家园


with that said, what we have to say next must be understood, dear one:




this is a free-will universe even at the highest level of 12d and all light is balanced exactly by the same amount of darkness!


这是一个自由意志的宇宙,即使在 12D 最高的层面,所有的光被相同数量的黑暗平衡


in this is simply the contrast and perfection of this universe!




other very powerful beings who became rebellious and who do not honor life, near our home, became envious of our beauty, wisdom, and stature and instigated an major attack on our great homeland of lyra!




these great beings who attacked lyra and started a cosmic war, are called the alpha-draconians.


这些攻击天琴座并发起一个宇宙战争的伟大存在,被称为埃尔法 - 龙人


as you know by now, all beings of light have been attacked by the darkness since the very beginning unto this day dear one, however, understand that the divine plan that we are all participating in, requires for all low-vibrational energy in this universe to be transmuted into pure light and pure love!




this is where you are headed dear one so have great hope that we are all now very close to this grand time known as the event!




your grand event is not just an earth event but a cosmic one.




as above so below great one!




in this grand war at 12d-lyra, most of our civilization fled in great battleships and descended all the way down to the 5th dimension where we settled in the pleiades!


12D 天琴座的这个宏大战争中,我们大部分文明在巨大的战舰中逃离,下降到第五维度,定居于昴宿星


we chose this new home because 5d is as low as we desire to lower our frequency and we are here with an incredible view above planet earth.


我们选择这个新家,因为 5D 是我们希望降低到的频率,我们在这里拥有一个令人难以置信的视野(位于地球上方)


we are here dear one in what you call heaven to monitor the great evolution of the beings of planet earth!




our lyran transport that just arrived through your multi-dimensional solar portal, and detected by your solar observatories is a large delegation of beings that are ascended masters and leaders in every area of life in this cosmos!




we have sent the very elite to come and be with you, and assist, during your grand ascension!




in cosmic circles, know that what is transpiring on earth is the talk of the universe!




great beings in incredible lightships are here en-masse in your solar system to participate in the great show in the universe!




it is your show and your time!




it is your great moment dear one!




are you ready for cosmic fireworks as your planet is liberated great one?


你为宇宙烟火表演准备好了吗,随着地球被解放,亲爱的 ?


something amazing is happening on earth and you are here playing a grand part in it all!




this is the original divine plan we all made together as we set out on this cosmic journey!




here is one important thing we are here to remind you of dear one:




know that we or our great city is not high up in the sky great one!




there is no such!




as hard as it may be to grasp on earth, we are the simply highest version of you and you are truly about to have a close encounter with the highest beings that exist!




12d is a higher vibration of right now and right here dear one and we are here to lift you on up higher in your frequency so that you will truly see with your inner eyes, what you have not seen yet!


12D 此时此刻是一个更高的振动,亲爱的,我们来将你的频率提升地更高,这样你可以用你的内在之眼真正地看到你还未看到的


lyra is not, a far away city that is much higher than earth, and it is not in the future or in the past!




it is not out in space or even in some far away constellation!




again we say there is no such!




atlantis and lemuria, and the pleiadians, of what you call your past, are simply other multi-dimensional versions of us and of you!




we need for you to bring everything back into one-ness now great one so all of this will finally make sense to you and so that you can finally complete your ascension back to who and what you truly are!




this is the great game you have been playing with yourself forever and we are just here to remind you about what you are trying to do and to trigger your ancient memories of your magnificent identity!




your independence day is near great ones!




the 'independence' trait you display on earth is very valuable and is derived directly from us!




this desire for freedom and sovereignty at all costs is what will finalize your great event soon for movement into a glorious new golden age of light!




your mission has been a grand success to this point great one!




well done good and faithful one!




you were successful!




you did it!




the final levels of the event are happening now and it will continue to happen in the coming weeks and months of 2019!


事件的最终层面正在发生,它会在 2019 年的接下来几周和几个月继续发生


when you arrive at the earth year 2020, your grand mission will be fully complete and you will reside in your kingdom of heaven on new earth just as you planned from the beginning!


当你到达 2020 年,你宏大的使命会完全完结,你会驻留于新地球之上的天堂王国,就像你从一开始计划般


you endured to the very end of the hard battle dear one and you overcame it all!




you were proficient in all areas and we honor your grand work!




incredible things are going transpire as you approach a key earth-time marker on july 4th 2019!


令人难以置信的事情就要发生,随着你接近关键的地球时间 2019 7 4


this is the grand time that you have you have prepared for, for eons! it is the blinding climax of your spiritual evolution!




so you see why it is important for us to be here now?




let's just say we have a stong vested interest in the ascension of the earth and its beings, for all of it is our grand creation!




we wouldnt miss this for the world!




this is a major point in your event timeline and we will stay closeby doing great work to assist you!




we tell you the truth, "the kingdom of heaven on earth is near!"




prepare to enter in great one!




look up for us in the clouds, we are very close to you even now!









通灵:Michael Love

翻译:Nick Chan



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