原创 2018-01-12 盖亚母亲 新纪元扬升之光

Message from MotherGaia via Galaxygirl, January 10, 2018

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Greetingschildren, it is I, Gaia. I greet you with unbridled joy and excitement as weare advancing together hand in hand, in step towards our ascension, the greatawakening of awakenings.

Picturethe jewels of my body and let them adorn your hearts with embellishment andjoy. They sing, can you hear them? Align with me to transport you deep with thecrystal caves of your distant memories where your lives have been stored. Youcome here before and after every life on me – do you recall this room brimmingwith energy and potential? Many have tried to find this locked away room but itremains discretely hidden in plain sight. Remember our conversations here? ForI am alive dear children, as are you. My body is only bigger than yours at thistime.





I want totake this opportunity to thank you light workers and transmuters of old foryour tremendous service to me and to my kingdoms, for truly that which youtransmute within affects the all. All is well. Be at peace.


Feel thevibratory encodements of my Crystal Kingdom as they surround you with song andwith light and joy. Allow their energy to tickle your third eye and transportyou ever closer towards your own healing and ascension. For as we are individuallyhealed we are collectively manifesting this new healed reality and it istremendously exciting. You are doing all that you can and I see this, and I soappreciate it. Truly you are the angel team and I’m so thankful. Allow me toshare my deep green healing pulse with you. Connect with me in my crystal heartand you shall find it there. Just ask me, I am waiting to nurture and to assistyou, as always.






We havebeen through so many trials and adventures together, children. Tears drip downmy waterfalls as I remember watching you grow and strive and overcome over andover, truly making you into the current warriors that you are. Own yourstrength. Acknowledge your power, your inner god / goddess self that ispatiently waiting for your remembrance.

It is timeto leave the pain behind now. Dive down into my cool waters and be cleansed andcomforted. Chat with the fairies. Ride with the unicorns and feel the breeze offreedom in your hair with your heart-light radiating ever more strongly,assured in your own path of ascension. Remember your path is an individual one,but uniquely we are definitely joined up in a truly unprecedented effort formass planetary ascension. Remember, this has never been done, children, and weare the first to experience this. Please know that your experiences will behighly sought after for your counsel and advice in future encounters with othercivilizations who are attempting this. This should not surprise you. We arealways learning and growing and serving each other.






My heartis light tonight. My children are hearing my call to oneness, to peace, tounity consciousness and it is a glorious thing. I think I am the happiest ofall the planets tonight. Hold the light and let it expand you intomagnificence. Be the light and share it with me and with each other.

Allow myhealing to bless you. I love you ever so. I am your Mother Gaia.






 ( 图|Anna Ewa Miarczynska)



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