Many of you put up barriers to stepping into your true authentic power because you have a fear of it creating a burden of responsibility. This stems from the old paradigm of martyred service, along with past life memories of less than positive experiences around power.




Stepping into your authentic power, your own sovereignty and mastery, is your service. It serves in a multitude of ways. It is showing and anchoring the energy of what can be accomplished on your planet. It is demonstrating that you are in energies that are completely safe for you to embody your divine authentic self and choose a path based on that truth. You are being powerful leaders by example. Further, your enlightenment process assists the energetics of your communities, the grid, the entire planet.




Doing your own work allows you to assist others from a balanced, loving space. It allows you to be a safe person to others who can then seek you out and know that they will be met with love and acceptance because that is what you have worked on embodying within yourself, you see.




So not only does your beingness serve the energetics of the planet, it serves others as well in a way that flows and supports everyone involved. It also allows your own gifts to come to the surface to be shared in a joyful way, which was always your divine mission.




It has never been about carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, but rather allowing the light that shines within you to demonstrate what else is possible, which paves the way for others to step into the discovery of their own light and divine capability. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan



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