greetings great beings of light,




the earth alliance is reporting that pleiadian light forces docked in this solar system, blasted the earth with multiple, 40-hertz-5d-gamma, plasma beams over the last 24 hours!


地球联盟报告说,昴宿星光之力量停驻在这个太阳系中,用多重 40 赫兹 5D 伽玛等离子光束轰炸地球,在过去的 24 小时里


the atlantis command is working around the clock in finalizing the formation of the new 5d-earth crystalline diamond light grid, using advanced plasma craft and multidimensional andara energy technology!


亚特兰蒂斯指挥官在日以夜继地工作完成新 5D 地球水晶钻石之光网格的成型,使用着先进的等离子飞船和多维度 Andara 能量科技!


notice the ongoing intense geomagnetic pressure levels (showing in red) on the geospace magnetosphere on our space weather page in the link below!




earthquake and volcanic watches are still high today all around the globe as earth's tectonic undergo a major planetary shift!




this is all part of the grand ascension of planet earth and the sentient beings who dwell here!




this is the foretold time of a new golden age for planet earth where the earth is being returned to its original state of beauty and perfection!




moderate ascension symptoms are being reported globally by the light being community as the energetic shift continues!




energy levels are rising fast around the planet as we head into a super-galactic weekend!




know that in times of great change comes one is presented with a period of temporary challenge and even discomfort!




think of the the caterpillar that goes dormant for a period and then transitions into a beautiful new living being! it grows new wings and is able to soar above everything below!




be in peace and have great hope knowing all is well and as it should be!




well done great one, take good care of yourself first in all ways!




make natural health your main priority then do all you can do to resonate high!




start today manifesting the life you truly want and do not be concerned about the opinions of others. its your life and only you are sovereign and in control of it all!




let us continue doing our good work together on earth until all things are fulfilled!




we will continue bringing earth alliance intel to this space this weekend!




let us know what ascension symptoms and life changes you may be experiencing currently in the comments below!




when you arrive at our space weather tools page below, hold (ctrl+d) keys to bookmark the page for frequent viewing!


当你访问我们太空气象网站,按住(ctrl+d) 来保存为书签以便查看。地址如下:https://5dearthproject.com/space-weather-tools/?fbclid=IwAR1o_26jntZVI_PvOAFzqRW39frdfzU8bZKTWU-ClYchf9bqgedDyvBpt1M




翻译:Nick Chan




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