Dear Ones, the service paths on your planet are as vast and varied as the needs of your planet and her inhabitants are. Please do not compare your service to that of others! One is not better than another. All are equally valid and essential.




So if you are in a space where you feel you must withdraw and focus on your own growth, do not make yourself wrong for that. Every healing that occurs within a human being supports the planet in a myriad of ways. Do not worry that you are not doing enough because your growth is your service.




If you feel drawn to offer service in one specific way, do not feel the need to push others to mirror your service, for every service path is unique to each person’s incarnation and is dependant upon their own skill set and soul mission. You all come onto the planet with specific interests and passions for a reason.




Just as there are many different paths people can take on their enlightenment journey, so it is with service. It is designed that way to meet the needs of the whole. Celebrate each other in your efforts and thank those who are doing different service work than you for that is what gives you the opportunity to focus on your unique offerings.




And if you find yourself stepping into service that a lot of other people offer, please know you are still required as there is no one else who can offer your unique blend of self and Source and that is what will make your service special and necessary. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


如果你发现自己步入有着大量的人在提供的服务,请知晓你依旧被需要,因为没有人可以提供你独特的“自我与源头”的混合,这会使得你的服务特殊和有必要。 ~ 大天使加百利



翻译:Nick Chan




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