I am Mary Magdalene and I am so grateful to all of you who hold up the light today. Let your lights shine, throw in some more wood in the fire and let it become a great bonfire. You are at the edge of a new dimension and all the lights of your hearts are needed now. For all of you who understand and feel a new era is now approaching – for you it is utmost important that you keep your flame burning in your heart. Let the flame become a great fire that might throw some sparks around, to light the fire in more hearts. You are needed now dear children on Earth. The light in your hearts needs to be spread far and wide. Your love needs to be seen and heard. It is time for you to step forward from your hideouts.


我是抹大拉的玛丽亚,我很感谢在今天所有保持着光的人。让你的光闪耀,给火焰添加一点柴火,让它成为巨大的篝火。你处于新维度的边缘,你心中所有的光被需要。因为你们所有明白和感到一个新时代在到来的人 --- 在你的心中保持你火焰的燃烧至关重要。让火焰成为熊熊大火,可能会飘出一些火心,在更多的心中点燃火焰。你被需要,亲爱的孩子们。你心中的光需要广泛传播。你的爱需要被看到和听到。是时候去从你的躲藏中出现了


The bell has struck and a new dimension has seen its light at the horizon. Mother Earth is eager to get going, but wants you to come along. Many of you came down to here just for this purpose… to help Mother Earth to rise up in its light again. Some of you came down so that you yourself can ascend and by clearing karma you would also support Mother Earth. Now we are here dear children on Earth. We are here and the moment is here to let go of all old karma and let the body become transformed to a higher vibrating being. This you do together with your heart by letting it shine clearly and strongly.


钟声响起,新的维度看到了地平线上的光。地球母亲渴望前进,但想要你一起来。你们许多人下来就只为了这个原因 ... 帮助地球母亲再次兴起它的光。你们一些人下来,这样你可以扬升,通过清理业力,你也在支持地球母亲。现在我们到了亲爱的孩子们。我们在这里,是时候放下所有旧的业力,让身体转变成更高振动的存在。你通过与你的心一起做到这些,通过让它清晰,强力地闪耀


Your intuition is now taking you on to unknown, but yet known paths. Be allowing and listen carefully to find the path that you should walk. It is specially prepared for you. It is not possible to look towards your buddy, a dear friend or somebody else that is close to you – as they might follow a different path from you. Let each other grow each in his/her own way and it will all be great in the end. The Lord’s path is eternal and so is yours dear children on Earth. You might start on one path and then switch to another and then again switch to third and so on. You are all the time developing as your consciousness increases. It increases in unison with your light shining more strongly in your heart and that you follow your higher intuition. The light stands for love. Your intuition stands for clarity. Together they guide you towards your goal, which is the same as that of Mother Earth. Via different paths and different experiences you will walk towards the goal, which is the goal of clarity and love, in this life. The love that you will encounter cannot here be described in words. It has to be felt and experienced. Your bodies also need to vibrate at a higher level in order to be able to receive it. So take in the light dear friends and be allowing. Let the light take hold in your body and let it raise you vibration so that you may take in the full love and clarity in your life.


你的直觉正带你进入未知,还未知晓的道路。允许,仔细聆听去发现你应该行走的道路。它是专门为你准备的。不可能去看向你的朋友,亲近的人 --- 因为他们可能行走与你不一样的道路。让每个人在自己的方式中成长,在最后都将是伟大的。主的道路是永恒,你也一样,亲爱的孩子们。你可能从这条路开始,然后转换到另一条,然后再次转换到第三条等等。你时刻都在发展,随着你意识的提高。它与你的光更明亮地在你心中闪耀,你跟随你更高的直觉一同提高。光代表着爱。你的直觉代表着明晰。一起它们指引你朝向你的目标,也是地球母亲的目标。通过不同的道路和体验,你会朝向你的目标,明晰与爱的目标,在此生。你会遭遇的爱无法用言语描述。它必须被感受和体验。你的身体也需要在更高的水平上振动,为了能够接收它。所以吸入光,亲爱的朋友们允许。让爱占据你的身体,让它提升你的振动,这样你可以吸入充分的爱与明晰


The light is here now and is waiting to light its fire in your hearts. Let it burn dear children on Earth… let it burn. Love and intuition go hand in hand so listen carefully to the message that you get in the fire of love. We walk next to you now and encourage you now. Everybody can hear his or her inner voice. Your higher self passes on all that we whisper to you. Your higher self also helps you now to make the right decision when you are at the next crossroad in your life. It is very likely that many of you will come to a crossroad in this time that we now are in. The winds of change are blowing and new crossroads appear all the time. Listen inside and follow that which your heart is whispering to you. If you are unsure ask for a stronger voice or some sign that we can send to you. You are strong and brave. You will manage all that you wish and then some.


光在这里,等待着点燃你心中的火焰。让它燃烧,亲爱的孩子们 ... 让它燃烧。爱和直觉携手并进,所以仔细聆听你在爱的火焰中收到的信息。我们就在你的身边行走,鼓励着你。每个人可以听到他内在的声音。你的更高自我把我们的低语传递给你。你更高的自我也在帮助你做出正确的决定,当你处于下一个十字路口。很有可能你们许多人会在此时此刻遭遇一个十字路口。改变之风已经吹起,新的十字路口会时刻出现。聆听内在,跟随你心的低语。如果你不确定,请求一个更强的声音或迹象,我们可以发送给你。你很强大和勇敢。你会得到你所希望的。


I walk at your side and I love you so much.




Mary Magdalene





抹大拉的玛丽亚 20180220 十字路口


通灵:Ann Dahlberg

翻译:Nick Chan





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