Dear Ones, there is much energetic power in a single word. If you are feeling challenged you can activate what it is you are wishing to experience by simply finding the word that expresses what you would prefer.




For example, let us suppose you are having trouble physically doing something such as opening a jar. If you try and struggle, simply say the word “strong” and try again. You will find you have activated the energetic boost you require.




A single word is the most powerful expression of its unique energy. And you have so many to choose from! A new word will automatically shift the energy of your situation and point you in a new direction with a different outcome.




Adjusting your energy does not need to be a complicated process. You are the captain of your own ship and can redirect any time you like through the empowered choice of a new intention which can be perfectly expressed by a single word. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan



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