There are many great gifts that come from what you consider to be intense energies. They offer the opportunity to move the old up and out. They provide clarity on what you are doing well, what you could improve, and what you are ready to tackle based on this latest level of attainment. They transform you and are proof positive you are ready for the next step.




But more than anything, they help you deepen the skills of surrender, faith, flow, and trust, along with intuitive self care, acceptance, and love, and those are the essential skills required to thrive in the new energies.




They also require you to remember and apply what you know, and to keep redirecting back into your heart and your beingness. In essence, they assist you in the embodiment of your highest expression of self in all ways and that is exactly what you have been journeying towards all along. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan



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