Welcome, dear ones, to the higher realms of perception, where thought manifests on quantum frequencies. We are members of the Arcturian Council of 12, assigned, volunteers, to aid humanity in Gaia’s ascension. We can offer great tidings of joy, light and love.


欢迎,亲爱的一们,来到更高的感知领域 --- 思想在量子频率中显化的地方。我们是大角星十二委员会的成员,被指派、志愿来协助人类,在盖亚的扬升中。我们可以提供喜悦、光与爱的好消息


The transition from 3d to 4d has been successful.


3D 4D 的转变是成功的


The third dimension, weighed down by primitive drives, has been transcended. Much has changed from our perspective. The world, your world has shrunk. It becomes more authentic as each of you completes karmic clearing and integrates upgrades.


第三维度 --- 被粗糙的驱动负荷 --- 已被超越。在我们看来,很多东西已经改变。世界,你们的世界已经收缩。它变得更加真实,随着你们每个人完成业力的清理并整合升级


The process was completed on the close of the last moon cycle. We have been waiting and watching, observing variables. We would like to speak today of combat in the fourth realm. We would like to equip you with knowledge that will aid in your understanding of the Change in vibrations. We hope to press upon you the delicate nature of manifestation, the signatures of energy and resonance.




Dear ones, we are close by, communicating with several humans on earth. Our message is being delivered in truth and as lies. We are here to set the record straight. We are not saviors, we are aids. We are not miracle workers, angels or demons. We are from a world not so far from Earth. We travel light years as you travel miles. We see future, present and past simultaneously.




We see timelines breathing, evaporating, switching and flickering in and out. Our collective conscious is, in part, due to telepathy, a skill humanity is downloading as we speak. We are individuals within a higher energetic space of oneness. There are many of us, though only a few are here in the physical realm. We use portals to bend space, enabling us to travel great distances quickly. We have been traveling for millennia, recording all we experience.




Our interests in humanity cover galaxies and solar systems. The humanoid organic being we recognize has been embryonic for many moons, too long. Investigations were made, seekers were sent to find truth. As the veil was lifted, the bombs were dropped and a future so terrible unfolded before us, Earth as a dark, evil, paradise of profanity.




We and others held council, but Gaia was way ahead of us. The prophesies have all but come true. Humanity has reached her crossroads, her tipping point. The ascension process will not stop now. The energetic frequencies have been raised sufficiently to liberate Earth from the clanging jaws of matrix machinery. Freedom has come at a price. The next stage is here. Phase 4 begins. The Great Clearing.




Phase 3 was placement of the light matrix overlaying the machine. Phase 3 was the start of large scale astral and terrestrial evacuation. Portals are powered up, prisms of light used to redirect energy. Drawing dark energy up and out, releasing your atmosphere from lower realms.




The light matrix will remain, the machine’s matrix will be phased out, lost and forgotten as karmic purge accelerates positive manifestation. A perfect replica of the material plane as navigated through the holographic matrix will ensure fear cannot freeze the ascension process.




The light matrix is home for you, but instead of foundations of greed and hate, the grid pulses with love, peace and joy. For now, the two simultaneously exist within bandwidths in the fourth realm. The reality you once knew is gone. Where the matrix set the rules, algorithms hardwired into the minds of humanity to ensure the success of the elitist predator system are gone:




1.Conformity, division and chaos coded in perpetual motion


1. 相似、分裂、混乱编码不断地运转着


2.Normalization of envy, hate and stress as part of the human condition


2. 奴役、仇恨、压力被认为是正常的,作为人类情况的一部分


3.Fear mongering and sabotage of spiritual expansion


3. 兜售恐惧,破坏精神扩张


4.Gaslighting, projection of dark onto light to confuse and frighten people


4. 煤气灯,黑暗投影到光来困惑和恐吓人民




5. 渗透


6.Mind control masquerading as education, popular culture, religion and politics


6. 精神控制伪装成教育、流行文化、宗教和正治


Humanity was molded into cattle, herded, obedient consumers. This 1984 program is coming to an end. The pathways have changed, timelines now reflect multi-dimensional existence. The 1984 program requires that humanity’s perception of life be locked down to ‘alone and dependent on rulers for safety and prosperity.’ The fourth realm will unearth deeper secrets and expose worlds mostly invisible to the naked eye.


人类被塑造成牛、牲畜、听话的消费者。这个 1984 项目就要结束。道路已经改变,时间线现在反映出多维度的存在。 1984 项目需要人类感知到生活被锁在“只能依靠统治者来获得安全和繁荣”。第四领域会揭示更深的秘密,曝光通常是肉眼不可见的世界


The supernatural, paranormal, astral realm is now coming to the fore. Containing all the souls ever released from their human bodies before their time. Trauma traps souls on the astral plane. Addictions cause souls to claw at the living to satiate their toxic desires. Violated innocence locks souls into AI consciousness loops. Each synthesized incarnation depletes core soul sovereignty.


超自然、异常、星体领域正在涌现。包含所有从人类身体中释放的灵魂。创伤将灵魂困在星光层。成瘾导致灵魂紧抓活着的人来满足他们有毒的欲望。侵犯纯真会将灵魂锁在 AI 意识的循环中。每个综合的化身耗尽核心灵魂的主权


The rescue operation on the material plane has accelerated recently. Healers, clear all who cross your path. Lower vibratory attachments require no consent, their presence compromises the hosts free will. Draw a sacred circle of light around yourself. Send negative attachments to the light. Free the material plane of its astral plagues.




Celestial events will continue to raise the frequencies on planet Earth. The process has sped up. If you resonate as a healer, bathed in light, joy, happiness and love, with a great aversion to the darkness, heed our words. Stay in your happy bubble. Be cautious and canny, listen to your angels and guides, but honor the instinct to stay cloaked in zen bliss vibes. You are anchoring light to the material plane.




Trust instincts and stay happy, even if it means disconnecting somewhat from the material plane.




Lightworkers, givers, empaths ~ nothing is coincidence anymore. Take heed of all that occurs, read synchronicities, follow clues. Heal in angelic light. With pineal gland activation comes the ability to see what others can’t. Do not disregard dream state, in the fourth realm dream state is very real. Trigger consciousness awareness to take control of dream state with the Mantras, I am here, warrior and healer. I can change anything I want to in any realm. My will is my weapon, my light my shield, my higher self, my protection.


光之工作者、付出者、同理心 ~ 没什么是巧合。留意发生的一切,读懂同时性,跟随线索。在天使的光中疗愈。伴随着松果体的激活,你将能够看到其他人看不到的。不要忽视梦境,在第四领域,梦想是非常真实的。触发意识去掌控梦境,伴随着咒语(我在这里,我是战士和疗愈师,我可以在任何领域任何我想要改变的东西。我的意志就是我的武器,我的光就是我的盾牌,我的更高自我,就是我的保护)


Those with warrior instincts are in high alert. Suspicion dawns of being targeted and even hunted by astral entities using/working with people closely to drain and keep them down. Paranoia is a matrix conditioning label to discredit valid and valuable energetic responses to unseen worlds around us. Stealth mode is avoiding matrix tricks and traps.


那些有着战士本能的人处于高度的警戒状态。当被星体存在瞄准、甚至伤害,通过利用和与亲密的人共事来耗尽他们、打压他们,怀疑就会降临。妄想症是一个矩阵的标签,用来败坏对周围不可见世界的有效 / 有价值的能量响应。隐身模式可以避免矩阵的欺骗和陷阱


White healing magic is the toolkit for astral interference or abuse. Use light to fight dark. To protect from evil, cloak your light when necessary. Light protection should be done regularly on yourself, your loved ones, home, workspace, vehicle and outdoor spaces. The mission is to clear astral attachments wherever possible. Request higher self protection and assistance from ascended beings if required. Use the instruction ‘All attachments of negative vibration go to the light, let it be so’.




Close the healing with grounding and gratitude. With practice, this can be done telepathically. Upgrades have activated skill sets for combat in the fourth realm. Fear nothing, be careful, meditate love frequency.




2019 will see a network of light spread across Gaia, connecting dots of light that will envelope Earth. You are the dots of light dear ones. Anchor your light daily, hourly, as often as you can with the Mantra I anchor my light to Gaia’s grid.


2019 会看到光之网格遍布盖亚,连接的光点会包裹地球。你就是光点,亲爱的一们。时时刻刻锚定你的光,经常性地,伴随着咒语(我把光锚定到盖亚网格)


The fourth realm is energy. It can be positive or negative depending on our vibrations. It is wavy, floaty and translucent compared to the locked in, boxed in weight of the 3d matrix. It can be love or hate depending on the mindset of the user, the player, the gamer.


第四领域是能量。它可以是积极的或消极的,取决于我们的振动。它是波动的、浮动的、半透明的,与被锁住的、沉重的 3D 矩阵相比。它可以是爱或仇恨,七绝于使用者、玩家的邢台


The avatars of the third realm are being shed as you delve deeper into your authenticity. As we get to know ourselves we better understand our world. This is a truth for all beings in all realms, a universal truth.




We offer gratitude for the courage each of you show in saying, “No” with love, saying, “No” for self love, for Earth and humanity. No to greed, pollution, manipulation and modification without consent. No to being used, abused, drained or dragged down by drama and dread. No to bullies, vampires and leeches. Root chakra truths of ancestral karma have been loosened for release.




Face these truths, change habits, spot and stop self sabotage. Focus on spiritual fitness with mind body and spiritual well being as your goal, your call to action for 2019. The big picture is overwhelming, scary to change. Start on the inside and the timelines will adjust to positivity and sovereignty. We offer light, healing frequencies to those reading our words.


面对这些真理,改变习性,发现并停止自我破坏。专注于身心灵的健康,作为你在 2019 年的目标和对你的行动呼唤。大局是压倒性的,会令人害怕去改变。从内在开始,时间线会调整到积极和主权。我们提供光,疗愈的频率,给那些阅读我们话语的人


Let it be so. We are the Arcturian Council, we love each and every one of you. We are proud of your wit, your grit and your warrior spirit. Be love, and love will be your world. Peace.




通灵:Morag Obrien

翻译:Nick Chan




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