Yes dear, it is your Mother God speaking. It has come to my attention of late that many of you dear light workers are feeling downtrodden, fatigued to the point of no return (it seems) and hope seems dim. Yet, it could not be further from the truth, dear hearts. For we, the COH, are watching you grow before our very eyes. Every time you choose love, you choose trust in us. It strengthens the eternal bond of faith between us. It strengthens you and your resolve to continue to ascend. It emboldens you, when you face the seemingly insurmountable odds and yet choose faith, that is when you are the true hero of your story. And I say your story because that is what you’re living; the contract that you signed up for, designed with me and co-created with the COH for what was the best way to advance yourself and the collective during this precious, tender time of ascension. You knew it would not be easy, and yet you begged to dive on in, arms wide open with love for your fellow being. It brings tears to my eyes. I see you in your full glorious Christed light self. You are just coming to realize how magnificent you truly are, as was your agreement. To do the work you must have a blindfold on as it were to challenge you, to test your faith, your grit. And you are.





Your faith is so much stronger now even than last year, would you not say so? Now, if you’re are having an off day and struggling a bit, that does not negate your faith or your progress. That’s just real life human emotions coming up for healing, for clearing. It is true. Today through this one and many many others you are processing abandonment, fear, raw pain of separation. But children, give it to me to assist you with transmutation. For how can we ever be truly separated? See, I am right here within you, speaking to you, holding you closely like a mother cuddling her small child on her lap. Crawl into my lap dear heart of my heart, and let me sing you a lullaby of peace, of renewal, of pure joy. For that is how I see you. And frankly, that is how you should see yourselves. You should be very proud and excited about all that has been accomplished in such a short amount of time. Forgive the experiment, as this one has been doing. Forgive, accept what is, and release the past. And after you have been comforted for awhile perhaps you will see with clear sight, the way I, we - your father and I - see you with the eyes of love.


你的信念比去年要更加强大,是不是?现在,如果你有一个休息日并有点挣扎,这并不否定了你的信念或进展。这只是现实生活的人类情感浮现来被疗愈、清理。这是真的。今天,通过这位管道以及许多其他的管道,你在处理抛弃、恐惧、分离的痛苦。但孩子们,把它交给我,让我来帮助你转化。因为我们如何真正分离?你看,我就在你之内,与你说话,像一位母亲把自己的孩子抱在大腿上紧密地抱着你。爬上我的大腿,亲爱的心,让我为你歌唱一首平和、更新、纯粹喜悦的摇篮曲。因为这就是我如何看待你的。坦白地说,你也应该如此看待自己。你应该为在如此短的时间内完成的一切感到自豪与兴奋。宽恕实验,正如这位管道在做的。宽恕,接纳所是,释放过去。在你被安慰了一段时间后,也许你会清晰地看到,我,我们 --- 你的父亲和我 --- 伴随着爱的眼睛看待你的方式


Love yourselves. Love your splinters in your feet for they have taught you to be careful. Everything, every experience is your teacher. Allow the lessons, remove the splinters - the pain of them - and move on ahead, joyous and free, light of heart, light in spirit, coasting on this new evolving rush of high energy that is delicately bombarding your psyche, your everything. It is time that you see yourselves as we see you; as adventurers of the utmost love and generosity of spirit that you should fractalize yourselves and serve the all in this way. And that is precisely what you are doing. So give yourselves a pat on the back and let me hug you tight. I am your Mother God. Be at peace. All is most well. I am your Mother God. See I am right here with you! You are never truly alone.


爱自己。爱你脚下的碎片,因为它们教导了你小心谨慎。一切,每个体验都是你的老师。允许课程,移除碎片 --- 它们的痛苦 --- 前进,欢快,自由,心之光,精神之光,在这个新发展的能量高峰中滑行,正微妙地轰炸你的心智、你的一切。是时候去像我们一样看待自己;作为最大程度的爱与慷慨的精神冒险家,你应当在这样的方式中分形自己并服务一切。这就是你正在做的。所以给予自己鼓励,让我紧紧地拥抱你。我是你的母神。处于平和。一切都好。我是你的母神。看到我就在你身边!你从未真正孤单





Might I have a turn? This is your Father God speaking and I do want to chime in a bit with Mother’s excellent message. Many of you are weary to the point of tears. Yes. I see you and we acknowledge your self sacrifice. The tide has turned. The energies streaming in cannot be stopped, only magnified, sizzling away that which no longer belongs in the higher planes (I am seeing eggs frying). Big revelations are underway of being disclosed. Disclosure is imminent. All good things, including the revaluation of the currency reset - all good things are imminent. It is time for good things to flow to humanity, and you all know this, for you are now creating more opportunities of goodness and joy into your lives. You can always come and sit on my knee too. I hope you know that. We are both very partial to you! I can tell a good story, and Mother can sing the most beautiful songs. Rest here in the space of the silence, of true belonging, anytime you wish. I am your father God. Be at peace and be complete.



轮到我了吗?我是你的父神,我想要在母神卓越的信息中添加点东西。你们许多人疲惫到了只能流泪。是的。我看到了你,我们知道你的自我牺牲。潮汐已经转变。能量的流入无法被阻止,只能被放大,烧尽不再从属于更高平面的一切(我看到煎鸡蛋)。巨大的启示正被揭示。揭露迫在眉睫。所有美好的东西,包括货币重估 --- 所有美好的东西迫在眉睫。是时候让美好的东西流向人类了,你们都知道这一点,因为你正在创造更多美好和喜悦的机遇。你总是可以来坐到我的大腿上。我希望你知道这一点。我们都很喜爱你!我可以讲故事,母神可以唱最美丽的歌。在那寂静、真正的归属之地休息,在任何你希望的时候。我是你的父神。处于平和,完整



翻译:Nick Chan



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