We understand that for many of you spending time with family can be challenging. These are the people you have soul agreements with, who agreed prior to your incarnation to help you with what you wish to experience and master during this lifetime. They are the great activators of your chosen path. They may support you by encouraging you in that direction, or they may facilitate your growth by being examples of what you do not wish to be. Certain people may be triggering, especially when you have been working on your growth and expansion and they have not yet been ready to step onto their own path and can’t see you in your energetic truth.




Dear Ones, we commend you for your efforts to navigate these relationships. Whether you have found yourself getting frustrated and upset (and then feeling bad about it afterwards), or whether you are getting to a point where you can hold your light and balance in their presence, we honour you for continuing to show up with your best, loving intentions. Even if you have come to a place where you have decided you can’t be around certain people from your past, we honour that, too, for it shows you are making your self care a priority by stepping away from situations that aren’t ready to shift.




There will come a time when you will be able to be in these situations and not be reactive. The most difficult relationships often are great barometers of the work you have done, and allow you to see your growth and progress. It is easy to be peaceful and loving around people who are the same. Your mastery will eventually lead you to a place when you will be able to be around anyone and hold the space for love and wellness for all involved.




Your family relationships are where a lot of old conditioning has been created, so stepping back into those energies can make you very aware of what is looking for release, and if that has occurred for you this holiday season, it is a great gift for you to have the awareness to do so before you step into a new year. So whether you had a harmonious time with your family, or you struggled in some way, it is all success in the unfoldment of your evolution. We want you to know it is all ok, and there are gifts to be had from it all. We honour your for your efforts, always. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan



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