新纪元扬升之光 2018-06-20


ArchangelMichael: Solstice Energy Update and Beyond

Channel: Deborah Faith




A short energy update follows to help make sense of all thechanges happening. Firstly we stress again the importance of eating lightfoods, as live as possible. Meaning containing as much life force as possible.If you are fortunate enough to have your own garden, harvesting foods and themeating them the same day is the way to go. If not, then purchase fresh foodsdaily and eat them well before they ‘expire’. The physical body is goingthrough enormous cellular restructuring at this juncture and could use allthe support it can get. Your body elemental will thank you!



Theenergy is mostly being felt again in the cranial and base of skull as the brainstructure and spinal column receives the New Codes of Life, as one may callthem. It is an appropriate enough description. The new codes enter the brainand spinal fluid flowing through the nadis and meridians into cellular tissueand structure, finally making contact with the atoms and electrons where theyare engaged in their upgrading work.



Wateris an important component for your physical body, as always. Before ingestinganything it would behoove you to send your life force energy into it. You cando this simply by intention and focusing your energy, infusing the water andfood with the purity of your Light.



Thelower 3 chakras are upgrading, merging, as they become ‘on-line’ or more inalignment with the rest of the energy centers, so that they can carry andtransmit higher frequencies and codes of Light and ground them into the Earth,becoming anchored there into the 5d energy matrix.



The4th energy center, the heart of the human is merging at a greater level withthe 13th energy center, the One Heart or High Heart chakra which connects youto the Creator, your Source energy and Heart of the One. The One Heart energy,if you could see it, is all around you and encompasses your entire energystructure.



Nowwould be a good time to practice breath techniques to help with the flow ofenergy. Breathing is an integral part of your journey as the Breath of Lifecarries the life force energy into your cellular structure.



Overallwith the great energy shifts happening now, you will feel greater alignmentwith your Higher Self and Consciousness, capable of achieving breakthrough’s asnever before experienced. The full culmination and shift of this energeticphase will be felt following the Eclipses in July.



Asalways, now is the time of the merging of the feminine and masculine energy –the reunification of the twin flames energy. Allow all that surfaces inresistance to this merging to be released and replaced with the pure love andlight of your Being.



Itis an exciting time for you Beloveds and we are watching you with greatanticipation and with much love. We are supporting you and will assist youwhere ever and when ever we can.



Youare loved beyond measure!









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