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My dear friends, we love you so very much,




Change, dear ones, is inevitable, and it is also a great gift to you. Can you imagine if everything remained stagnant upon your earth? Even if you found yourselves in the best of times, you would eventually get bored. Thankfully, when you find yourself in difficult times, as your saying goes, This too shall pass. Even your bodies are temporary. Nothing lasts but your eternal soul and your experiences. The only constant in the universe is Love.




So what then is it all worth, so many of you ask? Why should I do anything if it isnt going to last? You can feed the poor and help them grow in self-worth but there will be more poor in generations to come. You can heal the earth to a degree but you have no control over what others do in the future. You can cook yourself a glorious meal tonight and youll still have to make breakfast tomorrow Thinking from a human perspective, it might just seem pointless.


那么什么才是有价值的, 许多人问道?我为什么还要去做任何事情,如果都不持久?你可以帮助穷人,帮助他们提高自我价值感,但世世代代会有更多的穷人出现。你可以某种程度上疗愈地球,但你无法控制他人在未来会做的事。你可以给自己做一顿辉煌的晚餐,明天早上你依旧需要做早餐 ... 从人类视角思考,它可能看似毫无意义


This is why, dear ones, we urge you to labor, always, in love. When you labor in love, although you creations might not last, the love you put into them will. Love is eternal. Love is remembered. Love impacts lives, and helps souls evolve into greater understanding of their nature. So if you feed the poor with love, they feel loved. They grow. If you treat yourself with love, you feel loved. You grow and evolve. If you build the most magnificent building but do so without love it will crumble and you will have nothing to show for it, but if you build a shack with love, this will be something you carry with you as a huge accomplishment for eternity!




Dear ones, do your smallest tasks with love. Brush your teeth with love. Wash your dishes with love. Speak to the strangers at the grocery store with love. Do your work with love and if you cant love it, love yourself enough to pray for work you can love. Love the light within all human beings if even if you dont like them. Challenge yourself to put as much loving energy as possible into each and every one of your interactions.




If you comb your hair with love, you will feel no less loved than if you were stroked by a lover. You have the capacity to allow love to flow in every moment, every breath, in everyday life. You have the capacity, dear ones, to live and labor in a love that lasts for all eternity. Make today meaningful. Go do something and do it with love.




 God Bless You! We love you so very much. The Angels


上帝保佑你!我们非常地爱你。 ~ 天使


原文: http://sananda.website/message-from-the-angels-via-ann-albers-july-8th-2017/

通灵:Ann Albers

翻译:Nick Chan



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