Greetings our dearest friends and family, I AM KaRa.


It is with such joy I greet and watch over you. For you are witnessing the deconstruction of the old. And I say deconstruction here, as I refer to it as a process and not a sudden destruction. For these are the moments you are now moving through and have been in for quite some time. This deconstruction started globally around your 2012 portal and has gradually intensified, as the energies streaming to the Earth have intensified. It is this deconstruction you are not witnessing on a global scale.

伴随着巨大的喜悦我前来问候你和照看你。因为你在见证旧事物的瓦解。当我说瓦解,我说的是一个过程,而不是突然毁灭。因为这就是你正在经历的,已经有段时间了。这个瓦解大约在 2012 门户起开始在全球发生,渐渐增强,随着流向地球的能量加强。这是你没有在全球范围内见证的瓦解

These are the moments you came here for dear ones; these are the moments you have been so long preparing for, that we have been helping you prepare for. For it is in these moments of seeming chaos, you must return to who you are. You must deconstruct you own beliefs to the return to your truth, to who you are in your purest form. This is what you are witnessing dearest souls.


You are now seeing you own inner work, being reflected on a global scale, and although it may not seem like it, this is something you should be in great joy about.


For it is this inner work you have all tirelessly been doing, that has finally begun to manifest on a grand scale. It is grand indeed dear ones. So, what we wish for you to all do now, is to take a step back from this global view and return the focus to your own reality, to your own inner being.


We see many of you getting caught up in the outer scene, and this is ok from time to time, to check in with the progress of the collective, but as has been said through this one before, it does not serve you to get caught up in the drama. We ask that you all please rest as much as possible, that you take time to honour your physical vessel, for the energies coming into the solar system, into your bodies and then into the earth, are to be greatly intensified. For this is what you have asked for. This is what the light workers and warriors have called upon. Even those who are unaware of what is occurring have called for this, because it is the ones who are unaware of the energies, but are well aware of the division on earth, have called for a stop to it. You have all said that is enough, we are not being divided anymore, we are tired of violence and anger, we have had enough. And I, KaRA, will tell you that enough of you have now called for the energies to be greatly amplified.


It is through amplifying these energies, that will greatly speed up the process of coming together once again. For as the energies rise, the old, low vibrational energies of fear, anger and hatred, simply cannot withstand the intensity of the light, therefore they must dissipate. You have all called for this and there have now been enough of you, collectively, to allow this. So, we will say, we being the Pleiadean Emissaries, to buckle up, as the next few months are going to bring great bursts of Light from the Great Central Sun.


Dear ones, this is why we ask that you rest as often as you can and to also detach from most media sources, bar the ones you trust within your heart, to be truthful and not fear based. For those who wish to hold you back, are well aware of the call you have put out and as you are witnessing, are doing all they can to intensify their program of fear and control.


So, we ask that you return to yourself. Return to your immediate reality and know within you heart that your call for help has been heard. We have heard you dear hearts and we are responding. We are all hearing your calls and cries for help, they echo through the galaxy and so many more are now joining in this grand effort to assist you all.


We are here dear ones, please rest in this knowing and please, trust that all is as it should be and that you are all in the exact place you need be.


I cannot stress enough, to please rest and honour your body, because you will need as much energy as you can summon, to assist in grounding these waves of energy. For it is you dear ones, who are creating this change, we are merely assisting. You are the change makers, the warriors of light, who came here knowing it was going to be a shit show but did not care. You were all determined to see this through, and that you are.


We all love and support you dearly. Please feel my words and energy as I echo into your heart, to tell you, all is well my dear one. Be at peace. Be within your heart, for your heart knows the truth. Your heart knows no fear, no anger and certainly no judgement towards others. We are here my beloveds. Return home to YOU.


As the energies grow stronger, we only grow closer and many of you are starting to see this, you are starting to see this more and more with your physical eyes. Whether it be our ships flickering in the sky or our presence brushing you by. We are here in so many ways, shapes and forms. Open to our presence and you will then know you have comfort in the ethers.


I AM KaRA. I Am in such joy to see the progress you are all making. I will say again, to please rest, please be in nature as much as possible and detach from the global drama. You are all where you need to be. Trust dear ones. You will see in the next few weeks what these words truly mean. I love you dear hearts.


传导: ZM

翻译: Nick Chan





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