Dear Ones,




Today, April 29, 2018, is a day that will go down in history even though you do not know such is so at this time – for you have shifted from fear to joy.


今天, 2018 4 29 日,是将载入史册的日子,即使你还不清楚原因 --- 因为你从恐惧转变到了喜悦


You believe such is not necessarily so for you still have thoughts of, “What if this or that happens?” Neither of which will become your reality.




Today is a full Scorpio moon, and most of you accept that a full moon means confusion, even disaster. So you wait for that which does not happen.




So it is you are adjusting to new you, one possible 3D calamity at a time. For you are so comfortable with fear, you cannot imagine that there is nothing left to fear.


所以你在适应新的你,一次一个可能的 3D 灾难。因为你是多么地熟悉恐惧,你无法想象恐惧已经荡然无存


Once you move through this full moon phase with no calamities, you will proclaim you were lucky or something similar that has little to do with your new reality.




Yet, after months of full moons, Mercury retrogrades, and all other indicators that the sky is definitely going to fall, without personal difficulties, you will finally realize you have moved beyond that which you once accepted and expected.




Of course, there will be people who shout about probable fears making your stomach bunch up in fear, expecting that such statements are your reality only to discover that your personal world is different from what it has been and will be.




Such an AHA feeling will not be instantaneous for you will have to test it for months, maybe years before you trust that you have little or nothing to fear.




Today is that turning point for you and all of 5D and beyond.


今天就是对你和所有 5D 以及之上的一切来说的一个转折点


The quote of the United States President Franklin Roosevelt, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself” has finally come to fruition for you. For even minor pieces that might seem uncomfortable or unseemly will become a joyful reality.




Your current discussions are about how lucky you are, how you missed this and that, so it just happened to turn out despite the terrible possibilities.




Your new discussions will highlight how your expectations were met and more. Luck will be phased out as a thinking process or comment. For you will know that all is exactly right for you. That each fear you or those around you voice might occur but as a new direction that was better than anticipated. Until a time when you no longer expect the worst with hopes for a tiny miracle.




Perhaps you wonder why this day is different from any other, why this is the crossing point. Such is so both because of your en masse requests to live within the joy of the New Earth and the Universal understanding that energies need to be stronger than anticipated during this transition period.




We informed you that you would live in joy. But that information seemed to fall flat as you moved through one obstacle after another only to face fearful consequences – in your mind at least. So it is you requested more assistance to feel your joys instead of focussing on your fears as you have done for earth eons.


我们告诉你,你会生活于喜悦。但那个信息看似失败,随着你通过一个又一个的障碍只为遇见可怕的后果 --- 至少在你的头脑中是这样。所以你请求更多的协助来感受你的喜悦,而不是专注于自己的恐惧,就像你恒久以来所做的


The result is what you will experience from today. For you will likely continue to harbor fears despite indicators that all is well. A bit like those who have been in combat continue to hear battle sounds despite living in a peaceful neighborhood.




Those fears will slowly dissipate as you move closer to your new you. Not that your actions will shift dramatically, but that your fears will be negated by what you now consider miracle after miracle – and will soon expect as your new life.


那些恐惧会慢慢地消失,随着你更加接近新的你。不是你的行为会发生显著的改变,而是你的恐惧会被你所认为的一个又一个奇迹否定 --- 很快会被期待为你的新生活


For just as you now expect fear to enter many enterprises despite not needing to, you will transition to expecting your new reality of joy.




Many of you reading this pooh-pooh the information which is fine and good. For practice, actions, and results will be your markers instead of any words we can relay.




Your fears are so deep that you find it difficult to believe the words we, of the ethers, relay. You must experience it. And so you will. So be it. Amen




Brenda Hoffman429日《转折点》

翻译:Nick Chan


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