As 2018 is beginning, it is natural to wonder what it’s going to be like. Will it really be different? There is so much information out there that it can be confusing. In general, I feel such a powerful and wonderful flow for 2018. That doesn’t mean that the 3D world will be experiencing that, but most Lightworkers (conscious or not) are already residing enough in 4D to focus themselves more and more into a higher vibration.


随着 2018 的开始,很自然会去想它会是什么样的。它真的会是不同的吗?有着如此多的信息会是令人困惑的。总的来说,我感到了一个强大和奇妙的流动。这并不意味着 3D 世界会体验到它,但大多数的光之工作者(有意识与否)已经足够地驻留于 4D 来专注于更多地处于更高的振动


Yet what does that really mean for our experience? Areon is calling 2018 The Year of Amplification. This year will amplify our intent. Our manifestations will start to move faster. People will still seem to polarize, because the intensification of the spiraling flow is speeding up.


但这对我们的体验到底意味着什么? Areon 2018 为放大的一年。这一年会放大我们的意图。我们的显化会开始更加地快速。人们会依旧看似两极化,因为螺旋流动的加强在提速


Clarity becomes paramount, and it becomes no matter what. The spiral clarifies. It strengthens what is strong, it releases/separates what is weak.


明晰变得至高无上,它成为至关重要。螺旋澄清。它加强强大的,它释放 / 分离软弱的


What do you want to strengthen? NOW is a powerful time to focus on that. In this week’s post, Areon gives some suggestions for clarity. In the Lyran Perspective channeling, they spoke of the power of desire. This month’s energy of Heart Amplification is all about setting the tone for 2018 so that your heart, your desire is leading the way.


你想要加强什么?现在是强大的时刻去专注于它。在本周的文章中, Areon 给予了一些关于明晰的建议。在天琴星的通灵中,他们述说了渴望的力量。这个月心之放大的能量是为 2018 奠定基础,这样你的心,你的渴望会引领道路


What does your heart desire? Focus there. Use that energy of the spiral to help you strengthen your




It will be a powerful year. Not always easy perhaps, but in this 11 year, it will distill us into more mastery! Will it really be different? That depends on you. Ascension is an inner job. The only thing that really matters is your vibration. Don’t worry. Clarify. This is more natural to you than it sometimes feels.


这会是强大的一年。也许并不总是容易的,但在这个 11 (译注:也许是 18 年,他打错了吧)年,会让我们进入更多的精通!它会是真的不同的吗?这取决于你。扬升是一个内在的工作。真正唯一重要的是你的振动。不要担忧。澄清。这会显得更加自然,比起其他时候

(如釋說: 2018=2+1+8=11--因為2018年的命理數字是"11",所以它確實是個"11"之年--象徵著一個新周期的開始.)


What do you want to let go of? More on that later. The energy always builds in a perfect progression.




Much Love,Jamye.


大量的爱, Jamye.


Jamye Price112日《2018会是不同的吗?

翻译:Nick Chan



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