(2017-12-15 17:47:39)



The last weeks of the year are a time of travel for many, whether heading for a vacation, hang out with family, or to the ashram for some “I” time! But travel can take its toll on the body. Here are a few tips from Sadhguru on how you can beat jetlag and travel stress, so you can make the best of your holiday!




Sadhguru: High-speed travel is an inevitable part of today’s life. When the human body is made to travel at a speed beyond one’s natural capabilities, the subtle energy form and the field around the energy in the form of aura gets frayed. This fraying can leave you in an extreme sense of fatigue at the end of your journey, which could greatly affect the purpose of your trip, especially if it is only a short stay at your destination.




There are a few simple things you can make use of before starting your journey and during and after the trip, to limit the stress and struggle that your energy systems go through due to travel and jet lag.




#1 Sit Up Straight While Travelling