I AM Saint Germain.




These times that I can be here and be with you have become more and more the opportunity to do so. But there will come a time in the not too far off future where these moments will be less and less because you are moving into a new state of consciousness, a higher state of consciousness you might say, higher vibration.




And with these higher vibrations comes less and less a reliance on anything outside of yourself and a new reliance on more of what is within yourself. Relying on the Source within you to take you through this transition. Now that is not to say you will not have mentors; you will. They will come and assist you. But these processes such as these channeling sessions will become lessened in the times ahead. We are still going to be with you for the foreseeable future.




But understand that everything is in motion now. Everything is shifting and you are being prepared, each and every one of you. All of the light workers and now the light warriors: you are being prepared




to begin to step into the missions that you came here for. Those times are nearly here. You are going to hear more and more various announcements that are going to come forth. You have been told this before. But they are coming. They are going to come from sources that you would expect and sources yet that you would not expect, but they are going to be here very shortly.




You are on the verge now of the beginning of the end. And it will be the beginning of the New GoldenAge as you are ready and moving into it. As the vibrations and the frequency increases so that the time needed and the consciousness that is needed to spread across the planet will be here to bring this entire event about. And I speak now not only of The Event but of the many events, the many mini events you might say that are going to be a part of this and have already begun in some respects.




You have heard many things before about NESARA. You have heard many things about reevaluation and currency reset, financial changeovers, all of these things, arrests and disclosure. And all of these things have not yet come to fruition; have not yet come to your understanding as they are going to be. But yet they are still in the background and they are happening now as we speak.


关于 NESARA 你听说过许多东西。关于重新评估和货币重置、金融转换、这一切、逮捕和揭露你听说过许多东西。这些东西都还未实现;还没有如它们应该地到达你的理解。但它们依旧在幕后,它们就在我们说话的时刻发生


Those times of sitting back and letting the world revolve around you are nearly over. Those times when you are going to be called upon to make the world revolve as it needs to, as it needs to based on the consciousness and the light. Those times are right ahead.




You have been … or rather you have placed yourself in a position of bringing all of this about. You came here a long time ago many of you to bring this process forward to be the forerunners the wayshowers.And those times you have been preparing for are here. You are being prepared now for these times. You are being trained. As the One Who Serves has said many times, you are being trained to step into the positions that we are in. That you can then turn around and assist those others that are in the position that you are in now.


你一直 ... 或者说你把自己放到了把这一切带来的位置上。你很久前就来到了这里,你们许多人把这个进程带向前,成为先驱,引路人。你为此准备的时刻就在这里。你正为这些时刻做准备。你被训练。正如 One Who Serves (此管道另一个通灵源头)说过许多次的,你被训练步入我们所处的位置。随后你可以回头,协助那些处于你现在所在位置的人


That is what is ahead for you my dear friends and brothers and sisters. We are all here, right here with you now, have always been and will always be here with you. But more and more as I said earlier you will turn within and you will rely more and more on your internal knowings, your internal guidance from your higher Godself. From the Source within you.




And as you turn more to the Source within you, you will begin to surrender more and more of those old paradigm programming that you have become so accustomed to but are now realizing that much of this is no longer needed. And the ego center within yourself, although fighting hard to hold on, will begin to more and more let go and realize that it is time to allow for the Source to come through more and more within you.




I gave to the James an urgent message and I have delivered that urgent message. It may not be quite the message that you were hoping for but it is a message that needs to ring out to all, to you all as well as all those that you have come in contact with because the times are here. And more and more you are going to begin to realize exactly what you came here for and why you are here because you are going to be called upon more than you yet can understand and imagine.


我给 James 一则紧急的信息,我已经传递。这可能不是你所希望的信息,但这是需要向你们宣布的信息,以及那些和你接触的人,因为时机成熟。越来越多地你会开始意识到你前来干什么,为什么在这里,因为你会被呼唤,比你可以理解和想象的还要多


I AM St. Germain. I leave you now with all of my love and peace and that the Violet Flame continues to consume not only you but to all of those that you come in contact with as the light continues to spread throughout the planet.




圣哲曼 20171022 紧急的信息

通灵:James McConnell

翻译:Nick Chan



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