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This is Master DK. I am also very happy to be here and humble to be here in the presence of so many masters. As I look around this room in Mahendrans house and as I look around at the ones who are connected through telephone and as I look around to those who will be listening to this later and reading this later I give you my greetings.


我是Djwal Khul。我很高兴和谦卑地前来,在许多大师的存在中。随着我环顾这间房间,随着我环顾通过电话相连的人,随着我环顾稍后会聆听和阅读这则信息的人,我向你们问候


I AM the one known as Master DK; also known as The Tibetan and Im here today to talk about this emptying out of your room which is really emptying out your own patterns in your own behaviors and to give you some practical advice on this if you so want it. So I must ask first permission to give you this advice. Would you like to hear this? [Enthusiastic response] Wonderful! Im always happy to help clean out the closet. So everybody get your brooms out. It is time to clean out the clutter. You dont need those old wax lips sitting in your closet. You can let those go. You can let go of those old dusty things in your closet and give room for some new shiny ones from a New Golden Age.


我被熟知为Djwal Khul,也被称为Tibetan,我今天前来谈谈清空你的房间,也就是清空行为中的模式,如果你希望,给予你一些实用的建议。所以我首先得请求允许来给予你这个建议。你想要听听吗?【热情地响应】太棒了!我总是很高兴来帮助清理衣橱。所以每个人拿起扫把。是时候去清理杂物。你的衣橱中不需要那些顽渍。你可以放下它们。你可以放下旧的灰尘,给予新的黄金时代中的发光的东西腾出空间


So lets think about throughout the day the practical advice here is to monitor yourself. We have been hearing about this for quite some time now. Monitor yourself. Be self-aware is the first practical tip.




If you are going throughout your day and you meet somebody you dont know and you dont particularly like how they look or feel or smell and you find yourself judging them and that is a tip by the way (each one of you will start to see people that you dont like; you dont like what theyre saying; and you dont like how they smell; and you will judge them. So catch yourself. That is the first one. You must first be aware that youre judging them. But what can you do? What can you do when you find yourself judging? First thing is dont judge yourself. Its natural. Its an old habit and habits die hard.




So what you need to do is be self-aware and then simply surrender it. Ask our Creator to take it away. Take away this habit please. Our Creator loves to help us clean our closet. No request is too small for our Creator because we are our Creator. The Creator is everything that you see around you including that smelly person that you are judging. So dont be afraid, dont be shy to ask our Creator whatever you may call her or him or it hes called by many names: The All That Is; The One Infinite Creator; The Supreme Creator; The Universe; The Divine Mother; The Divine Father; Divine Mother/Father. It matters not what you call Her. Just know that She is ready or He is ready to help you. And when you ask Him/Her/It to take these habits away it will be taken away.




So step one is be aware of the judgment that is happening and understand that it is natural because it is a habit and it is now time to clear it out.




Number two: dont judge yourself. Forgive yourself for having this habit.




And number three just ask our beautiful Creator to take it away and it will be taken away.




And that is a very simple message for you today. I invite you to use this throughout the weeks throughout the months ahead and you will find yourself in a higher and higher place. And I thank you for your time.




And it has been my privilege to talk to you. Thank you.





通灵:James McConnell

翻译:Nick Chan




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