新纪元扬升之光 今天


Channel: Galaxygirl




We are the light beings from the city of Telos. We send ourmessage and frequencies of deep healing to surface humanity now. We welcome youto breathe in this deep healing pulse we are sending from Telos to you now. Weare many. We have seen millennea of changes on your surface world and arepleased to be able to offer our assistance for your healing and reunificationtowards oneness.



Telosis a vast bustling city. We love our city. We protect and defend against discordantenergies. Much discord appears to be playing out on your surface world in thisNow moment of great change and upheaval. All is not lost. This is simply thebirthing process of a new thing, a new time, a new way. The way is love. TheMothers breath pulse is coming, and we want to extend our friendship tothe human population of surface Earth this day. For much is needed and we seehealing as the greatest need at this time. We see fear disappearing like smokein the wind, transmuted by the light of the sun. We see children safe and freeplaying outside in the elements unhindered once again. We see adults talkingand laughing without suspicion or fear. We see families working less, with morejoy and time to explore their inner divinity and creative prowess. We see musicas light language humming through the elemental kingdom. We see the watersinging, purified, glorified, once again able to sustain the oceanic kingdomwith grace and ease and joy. We see many things, for we see many realities simultaneously.




Whenthe galactic pulse comes, and it is on its way most assuredly, all will changein the blink of an eye. More light more love, more joy will be the new modusoperandi. For that will simply be the energies that will be supportive of thisworldwide upliftment. A new encodement, a new matrix for the old hasdisintegrated and the new will be the breath of God, the breath of union, ofjoy, of oneness. A matrix no longer but a structure of light built on light andlove an impenetrable fortress of light, unbreakable and impervious todiscordant energies. This is what we have been able to attain and create withinyour earthen sphere, right under your feet. We are happy to share and lend ourbig blue hands with your small white, brown and all in between colored hands,for color does not matter. For soon you will see this most clearly how color isperhaps one of the greatest lies of the dark. When your third eyes are openedyou will see the true colors, the true auras of those around you, and you willnaturally gravitate towards those of the light. But after the wave comes allwill be lighter. Many will be confused, unsure. We will be there to help justas you who read and type, these words, or words like this. Those who channel,who create, who compose, who are the bridge of these energies are the anchor ofthis entire project. For the project needed an anchor, and you groundedawakened ones, new Gaians, we call you, are this anchor.



Welight beings of Telos send our friendly greetings, our healing pulse, ourencouragement and our friendship. We shall meet soon. We are the light beingsof Telos.





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