I send my love is like a sweet fragrance on a warm wind, embracing you with love. Allow my love with happiness and joy to flow from my being and connect with your energies. The expres sion of love of the Creator from the heart, the soul and the whole being is the most beautiful and sacred blessing to us all given to us to delight in the expres sion of unconditional love that flows out of our bodies with each new sunrise. I am the consciousness of Mother Earth, My deepest blessing and my dreams for your ascension are with you now.




Dear Ones, I honor you think so and every step that it is sacred to my body, a truly sacred experience for my heart and my soul. Your light overwhelmed me and I am humbled by the experience that you anchor these divine energies in my body and energy level that allows me to open my heart in God's esteem. We are One, I see this over and I am grateful for my existence in this crucial process of ascension. It is those who have been designated as sacred, where on my body , but I appreciate each and every soul as aspects of the Holy Creator.




It is my goal to take with you in this way link to make you connect to our united attention in this great process of ascension that is happening. We experienced the same thing to the same time, our bodies, mental and emotional body to rise to the same time. I wish that you are aware that I know at this time in my emotional body is a deep cleaning, and more extreme than I've ever experienced before. I bear the pain of my physical body and the pain-free the human race. I have been in existence for so many souls inhabiting physical bodies, have created a number of ideas that create energy. Some of this energy has been kept within my emotional body. During this time the irritation of my emotional body will experience an increase, so that everything comes to the surface and released. Also, I held in my emotional body, a feeling which I know you know it. It is the sense of separation from the Creator, separate and some types of loneliness. It is natural to experience these kinds of emotions when you exist in a physical level. I love you, understand these emotions as illusions of the physical vibration, but no less I know the feeling of separation with my emotional body, although I understand the truth of oneness.




Many ascended masters, archangels and narrow support me in this time and nourish my body with love, emotional and powerful vibration of the light that soothes my energy field immensely. I am able, the life energy of the Creator in my emotional body to breathe, and get balance and perfection. Some of you have been asked to lend a lot to work with a power icon in my womb, recognizing him as the center or core of the creation of energy and vibration. Maybe you want help in this process will be . The reason for using the power symbol of the womb of my being that is the goddess even, because the energy of the creation of greater wealth and power in my emotional body must flow. This will dissolve the culmination of our past pain as individuals and as a collective, creating energy anchor itself, which holds such enormous power. The creation of energy supports the manifestation of the evolution of oscillations and understanding, as well as the rise. The creation of energy needs to flow now in my emotional body, where they will build up until it reaches the most appropriate volume for my body and to empower all those that exist on my body. My emotional body will be able to nurture the love vibration, which are anchored in my physical body from you, mankind, the ascended masters, the archangels, angels, goddesses, creatures, nature, and so many more. If the proper vibration of love was then anchored, my emotional body the energy will allow the establishment to move forward, to stand out, as if a flame was lit, but it will also be a greater activati​​on of love.




I want to point out that experience your own emotional body and a cleaning. The energy of creation is enabled within your being, with intent to flow into your emotional body, awaiting the time when you have transformed your physical body in order to maintain a larger and more complete vibration of love. The energy of creation can perhaps forward flow through your solar plexus, while it shines brightly, but you can also see that your emotional body is in alignment with your soul and the Creator, which caused a bit of emotional discomfort, imbalance, or revolt.




We are the same and experience the same thing, it's a wonderful symbol of how the human race myself, my body and sees the creation as an aspect of the Creator, and I'm very happy about it.




The process by which I speak is a gradual process that will allow a lot of development and understanding within my energy and consciousness. While I am now able to communicate easily in this way with you, I would like to invite you to work with me to help my energy while I support your energy and we can grow together.




It is necessary for you to accept my energy, because there are new vibration, needs and anchored into your own energy and power system.




Imagine my wonderful first light like a green, gold and pink light from flowing from the crown of your head into your being. As if the energy from the top down "Y" to create within you, even in the entire lower part of the hull to exist, including your solar plexus. Allow the energy gradually into the lower part of the hull to seep from the outside in, your whole being, fulfilling the new vibration that I m​​ust share with you.




Whether man or woman in your physical body, imagine that your uterine area, the lower part of your torso, sparkles and pulses with an active energy and new vibrations of love, creation and the Creator in sympathetic vibration blending. Imagine, sense or acknowledge that my body and emotional body can be adjusted within your lower torso, allows us to enjoy our presentation of our oneness. The energy within your swirls and integrates with my body, the earth. Let all the blocks out of my body and emotional well-being drained away, the same will occur in your emotional body.




While my body is within your being because of our integrated energy continuously dissolves I ask you to ignite the creative energy in my being, combined with the energy that you've collected in your lower torso area on the solar plexus. The combined energy from your solar plexus allowed in your entire being, but more importantly, to flow into your emotional body. Breathe deeply from your solar plexus to take place in your emotional body to facilitate this process.




We are one united and support our advancement, irritation in my emotional body is already calm and love shows itself. This process can be reached at any time and as often as you wish. It's always an honor to join with your energies. There will be a great deal of work for us in the future that helps us to be key points in transition and the rise of the Earth and its humanity.




I appreciate all thoughts and energies very gentle, which I sent everything is kept within the absolute bottom of my heart and released at the right time as a river of blessing that erupts from within my heart chakra to my body and to your being . swim




With love and great appreciation,




Mother Earth.



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