原创 2017-10-20 默基洗德 新纪元扬升之光

Lord Melchizedek via Victoria Cochrane, October 18th, 2017





The patterns of life are all around us in the natural world;the bees and wasps have stripes, so do zebras, each of who’s pattern isoriginal and unique. Butterflies and moths have distinctive patterns accordingto their species, as do tigers, jaguars and cheetahs. All humans havefingerprints which, again, are unique to every individual and the network ofveins in every single leaf forms a pattern of life. Yes, patterns areeverywhere in the world, some being generic but many being as unique andindividual as the creature itself.



Patterns are what make up the universe,but not always in shape. Many are in colour, as in a rainbow and others are innumeric codes. Everything in the universe can be reduced to a sequentialpattern that has its own vibrational frequency, or ‘DNA’ if you like, thatdistinguishes its molecular structure from every other organism on the Earth,whether it be living or non-living. This pattern of life is a code thatunderwrites the look, distinguishing features and behaviour of the organism andgenerally cannot be changed and keeps the species breeding and surviving.However, there is a natural law of evolution that states that change instructure can and must occur in response to changes in the natural environmentand, to that end, many species of organisms are undergoing molecular changeswithin their DNA structures to adapt to the ever-changing landscapes andweather patterns on Earth. Humans, dear ones, are one of these speciesundergoing evolutionary change.



The patterns of life upon the Earth havebeen radically changed by Man’s intervention and behaviours that include theuse of fossil fuels and unnatural chemicals. Many organisms, including humans,have been affected and infected by pollution and the ingestion of toxicmaterials that are often in the food being consumed. The results are disease,sickness and mutations that shorten the life span of the individual and thatoften threaten the existence of the entire species. Changes in DNA structuresthrow out the original balance between the species and the environment and thisthen continues down the food chain. Earth has lost many of its precious plantsand animals to Man’s predisposition to killing for entertainment and sport, butthe loss of life to unnatural mutations due to toxins, chemicals and diseaseswill have a far greater impact on life on Earth unless urgent action is taken.The death of millions of humans from diseases and cancers is testament to thephysical body’s inability to cope with foreign substances and food that is notin alignment with the natural world; when the pattern of life is interferedwith, the consequences can be dire.



It is understood by the masters of lightthat humans may feel helpless at the whim of governments and leaders who makedecisions based on profit rather than on humanitarian terms. Many decisions aremade without consultation and often with no communication, leading to theconsumption of toxins and chemicals, either through food, absorption orbreathing, without peoples’ direct knowledge. People may also feel helplessagainst corporations who use less-than-worthy ingredients in their products inorder to make them more palatable, even though they are unhealthy and oftencarcinogenic. Many people are now turning towards natural ingredients and raw,organic food and are also rejection western medicine, even if they areconsidered to be terminally ill; in many cases, the intervention towards a cureis worse than the disease itself and causes more harm than intended.



It is not the intention of this message toadvise anyone against going to a doctor or seeking medical assistance when theyare ill. It IS intended, however, to convey the importance of maintaining thebalance between systems in the world and of not interfering too much in thenatural order of life. When balance can be maintained then the health of theorganism and the environment will also be maintained. As soon as the balance isthrown out, it is not just the individual and the immediate environment that isaffected. At present, much of the world’s natural balance has been disruptedand this has impacted the health and well-being of all living things upon it.The patterns have been changed, and the consequences have the potential tochange the world as you all know it forever.



Although small, every individual human haspower beyond their own imagining to change the unnatural patterns in theirlives and to swing the balance back to the way it should be. Although there aremany physical changes individuals can make, such as not using chemicals, eatingorganic food, recycling rubbish and rejecting food that is unnatural or toxic,there are many other actions you can take that will remain hidden from thenaked eye but powerful in their impact upon the natural order of the world. Thehuman mind is a wonderous tool for manifestation, both for good and evil, andwhen thoughts are made with intent the result is instantaneous. Visualisationand intent are tools which, when combined with the Violet Flame ofTransmutation, work powerfully to restore the order of balance and to bringorganisms and the natural world back in alignment.



Performing the following simplevisualisation meditation daily or a few times a week is a positive way everyindividual human can make a difference to the Earth. If you cannot visualise,know that with intent it will be.



1.     Find a comfortable place to sit where youcan relax and concentrate. Close your eyes and focus on the light growingwithin you. Send this energy down from your heart space, through your chakrasand ground deeply into Mother Earth. Bring the light back up to your crown,then watch as it floods your aura and penetrates your being. This is yourprotection and connection to the Creator.



2.     As you sit quietly, breathing rhythmicallyand slowly, hold the intention that you are connected to the All and to theenergy of the angelic realm. Also intend that you are accompanied by your guardianangel or Master of light and see or feel the energy change around you. Ask themto guide you to send energy to the place in the world that is most needing ofhealing. See or know where that is; it may be the ocean, the crystals deepunderground, the forests, orangutans, a certain part of the world… Rememberthat healing cannot be sent to people without their permission.



3.     Now hold the intention that unconditionallove infused with the Violet Flame of Transmutation be sent to raise thevibrations and to restore the natural patterns and order to that place ororganisms there in the highest and best way. Hold the energy and watch or feelas the energy is sent and the natural order is restored.



4.     Give thanks and blessings for the healingand for the assistance of your guides. Ground your energy once again and bringyour attention back to the room.



You may wish to do this meditation onyourself if you feel out of balance. Remember to always intend healing for thegreater good and for your own highest and best.


Send love, light and the Violet Flame,dear ones. Think only positive thoughts and be a shining light for others.


Much love and light to you,Lord Melchizadek.




音頻來源: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DGO31JONnw


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