I am Aramda. I have not been coming through to this group for a bit of time, here. But the moments arise once again where everything that is happening in your world is happening for a reason. And all of our ships that are out here, everything that we are doing, we are doing for a reason. We are doing it to help the process along, your ascension process. Everything is about your moving forward. You, as a collective, as the Earth, as Gaia, but not only the earth, but your entire solar system and entire galaxy is moving forward. Just as the entire galaxy is moving into other areas of the universe constantly moving ahead.


我是 Aramda 。我没有前来与这个团体说话有段时间了。但正在世上发生的一切都是有原因的时刻再次升起。我们所有的飞船在这里,我们所做的一切,都是有原因的。我们是来帮助推动进程的,你的扬升进程。一切都是关于你的前进。你,作为集体,作为地球,作为盖亚,但不只是地球,还有整个太阳系,整个银河系都在前进。就像整个银河系在进入不断前进的宇宙的其它区域


Just as that is happening, you are moving ahead. All is a process of an energy and a rest, an energy and a rest. You have rested long enough. The universe has rested long enough.




You are coming now into that point of energy, that point of energy where the galactic central sun is building up its energy to be able to release that energy through your solar sun to come down to the Earth, to surround or envelop the entire solar system with this new higher energy, this new higher vibratory energy.


你正在进入那个能量点 --- 银河中央太阳建立起能量通过你们的太阳把能量释放给地球,用这个新的更高的能量、这个新的更高的振动能量包裹整个太阳系


You are all in this process now. You have heard from KaRa. You have heard from Ashtar and many others that we in our ships are continuing to move forward, move forward with the various programs and projects that we have been working through.




We are coming near to the end of those programs and projects. There has been one right after another: Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, D, and so on. But we are coming to the point where the programs and projects will be coming to an end. They will end with your ascension: the ascension of the Earth, who has already done so with Gaia, but the ascension of all the people on the planet as well. And with that ascension, the solar system ascends. And with the solar system ascending, the galaxy ascends, and so on.



我们正在接近这些项目与计划的尾声。一个总是紧接着另一个:计划 A B C D 等等。但我们正在接近项目和计划完结的点。它们会伴随着你的扬升完结:地球的扬升,已经和盖亚一起完成,但还有所有人的扬升。伴随着这个扬升,太阳系会提升。伴随着太阳系的提升,银河系会提升,等等。


This is how it all works together. This is now you are all ONE together, connected with everyone and everything, all of life within the entire galaxy. And yes, even within the entire universe is all ascending with this process.




So it is far beyond your wildest imagination of how much you, each and every one of you, relate to this entire process where truly all is ONE, and one is the all.




I am Aramda, and I leave you now to continue to ask you, each and every one of you, to continue to hold the intention within you, the intention that very soon we will be meeting with each other. First, of course, within your dreams, within your meditation states, which has already been happening. But it will not be that long before you will be looking up into the skies more and more and seeing our ships. Not only you, those of you, the Lightworker community, but many others will also be doing so as well. Because disclosure at the highest level cannot be held off much longer. It is part of the projects and the programs that we have been working on to bring this to you.


我是 Aramda ,我现在离去,我想继续请求你,你们每个人,去继续保持意图,我们很快会与彼此见面的意图。首先,当然,在你的梦中,在你的冥想状态,这早已发生。但在你更多地看向天空并看到我们飞船之前不会太久了。不仅是你,你们那些光之工作者,还有许多其他人也会看到。因为最高层面的揭路无法再被推迟。这是我们一直致力于带给你的项目和计划的一部分


Peace and love be with all of you.




I am Aramda.


我是 Aramda.


通灵:James McConnell

翻译:Nick Chan



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