Dear You,


Who could have ever imagined that this moment on Earth was possible? It is a truly remarkable time and it is vitally important that you realize how much it took to quieten the entire planet. That’s a miracle in itself! While, yes, the outward cause of this is very difficult, it is also manageable and is being taken care of by those who have been well-trained to participate in its resolution…including you. In fact, everyone on the planet has been perfectly trained to contribute in this moment, with their best intent and effort at hand. Whether extending your hearts to take care of loved ones, neighbors, friends or community – you are poised in the right place at the right time to do the perfect thing that you are called to do. Do your physical work with an open and generous heart, all the while doing your utmost best to ensure you are taking good care of yourself too…eat, sleep, rest, play and laugh well. Take care of your physical world first.

谁又能想到 地球上的此刻是可能的?这确实是一个非凡的时刻,很重要去意识到需要付出多少来安抚整个星球。这本身就是一个奇迹!是的,外在的原因非常艰难,但也是易控制的,被那些训练有序来参与到解决方案中的人照料着 ... 这些人包括你。事实上,地球上的每个人都受过完美的训练,在这个时刻做出贡献,伴随着他们最佳的意图和努力。无论是扩张你的心 去照顾心爱的人、邻居、朋友还是社区 --- 你泰然自若地 在正确的时间 处于正确的地点 做着你被呼唤去做的完美之事。伴随着一颗敞开的慷慨的心进行物理上的工作,同时尽力去确保照顾好自己 ... 好好吃饭、睡觉、休息、玩耍和欢笑。先照顾好你自己的物理世界

At the same time, this is a deeply, poignant and sacred time for your internal world. It is vitally important not to allow fear to overcome you. It will rise up from time to time like waves; allow it to be felt and acknowledged, and let it go with a deep sigh, a big ahhh, a cry, a laugh, even a gentle scream will do! Be determined to release it, for it is not you. The truth of who you are is a being of kindness and love, and you have learned to feel fear as a natural experience of living, with basic instincts to protect you. But this fear has gotten dangerously out-of-control on the planet, and this is a time of great polarity. There is both a loud silence and loud fear at the same time.


Do what you can to experience the deep pure silence, unrestricted by the grip of fear. Isn’t that the deep peace that you have been yearning for your entire life? Let this be the time you can taste it and decide to live more from this place rather than the wild fervor that was your life before. So take as much time as you can for inner work: contemplation, meditation, writing, quiet walks in nature, creating, salt baths, lighting a candle…this is precious time where each gesture contributes to the collective. Teaching your children and intimate time with loved ones is so important and connecting with nature and the animals is so healing. Everything you do is contributing to the collective, especially now. This is a profound choice point time…each moment, each day, you can choose the way in which you approach your life. This is a reset moment for the planet, and for each individual upon Her.

尽你所能地去体验深度纯净的寂静,不受恐惧的影响。这不就是你一直渴望拥有的深度平和吗?让此刻成为你可以品尝它 并决定更多地从这个境地生活的时刻,而不是之前那种狂野的激情。所以花尽可能多的时间进行内在的工作:沉思、冥想、写作、在大自然中漫步、创造、洗浴盐、点一根蜡烛 ... 这是每种姿态都有助于集体的宝贵时刻。教导孩子以及与心爱之人的亲密时间非常重要,与大自然和动物连接非常具有疗愈性。你所做的一切都对集体有贡献,尤其是现在。这是一个深刻的选择点时刻 ... 每个时刻,每一天,你可以选择自己生活的方式。这是地球和每个人的重置时刻

The 3D world is physical, and yet everything also has an energetic signature. This is a time when everything is being reset and consequently, it can be re-evaluated. Feel what fear does to your body: it makes it feel constrained, nervous and volatile. Now feel what love does to your body: it makes it feel expanded, peaceful, calm. The energetic signature of love is life-enhancing and boosts your immune system, and supports all of the system functions of your body – your circulatory, respiratory, digestive, glandular, muscular, neurological, organ and digestive systems – everything functions better in the vibe of love. This is why we feel invincible when we fall in love. But the more you can maintain this high state of bliss and joy and love inside, the healthier you will always be! You know this, it is a challenge to remember when the shift is hitting the fan…

3D 世界是物质的,但一切都有着一个能量信号。这是一切重置的时刻,因此,可以被重新评估。感受恐惧对你身体的所作所为:让它感到束缚、紧张和不稳定。现在感受爱对你身体的所做所为:让它感到扩张、平静、冷静。爱的能量信号增强生命力、免疫系统,支持你身体的所有系统功能 --- 血液、呼吸、消化、腺体、肌肉、神经、器官 --- 一切都在爱的振动中运作地更好。所以当我们坠入爱河,我们会感到万夫莫敌。但你可以越多地维持这个高振动的幸福、喜悦、爱之状态,你总是会更加健康!你知道这一点,但当“大难临头”就难以忆起这一点

Stay positive. Stay hopeful. Stay kind. Fill your heart with love. Dare to experience bliss.


And so we say urgently, vitally, importantly, critically: do whatever you can do to hold a frequency in your mind, body, spirit consciousness of bliss, love, peace, calm, joy, and the abundance of all good things. This is the best immune defense on the planet, and collectively, you will all create a collective immunity to anything less than this. After this great transition, you will have anchored this great frequency within you and on Mother Earth.

所以我们迫切、急切、着重、严肃地说:尽你所能在头脑、身体、精神意识中保持一个频率 --- 幸福 / / 平和 / 平静 / 喜悦 / 所有美好事物的丰盛。这是地球上最好的免疫防御,集体,你们能够创造一个对抗任何东西的免疫力。在这个伟大的转变后,你会将这个伟大的频率锚定于你之内和地球母亲之上

Just as unimaginable as this together-in-isolation time, even more unimaginable is possible: that the future life can be rid of all of the old low density fear and negativity, and you will have created Heaven on Mother Earth (HOME) as has been promised. You are making it happen right now! Now is the time to hold love no matter what!


So dear, ones, the message is simple and profound. You must simply and profoundly choose love over fear. One holds the key to the essence of all life. You are designed to thrive. Now is the time to choose.


With deep respect, we are always, The Council of Light Within.



翻译:Nick Chan





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