Greetings!From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj(KayRy). The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune in to the light within you.


问候!衷心地,我是 Kejraj(KayRy) 。这里所表达的信息是我的观点。因为所有的真理在你的心中等待着你。协调到内在的光


So much has changed, in my reality, within and without, and the changes continue. However, the fire of passion that burns within to bringing change to this world has only grown stronger.And perhaps this is one of the reasons why I still find my self in disagreement with, yes the president of America, the Galactic Federation of Light and how they have chosen to go about this process, and quite frankly anyone that insists on negotiating with the Cabal and offering them alternatives, and other negative entities outside of Earth that want nothing less than total ownership and enslavement of Earth and humanity.


在我的现实中,发生了很多的改变,内在以及内外的,改变还在继续。无论如何,内在燃烧的会把改变带给这个世界的激情火焰只会越来越强。也许这是其中一个原因我依旧处于意见不同的境地 --- 是的,对美国总统、光之银河连帮以及他们执行这一进程的方式,还有每一个坚持与 陰谋 集团谈判并提供他们替代方案的人(包括对地球之外的那些负面实体,他们只想要完全控制和奴亿地球与人类)


The negative ones have lost, that is clear and obvious.Yet somehow with their little power that remains, in a way they are holding humanity hostage. And this must not be tolerated. Those that support any form of negotiations with the Cabal, support and contribute to holding humanity hostage and impede this evolutionary process.


负面存有已经战败,这是明确的、显而易见的。但不知怎么的,他们可以用残留的小小力量依旧劫持人类。这肯定不能容忍。那些支持与 陰谋 集团谈判的人,就是支持和促进劫持人类并阻碍这个进化进程


Now, going back to the president, there are a few things I disagree with that he is doing, but mostly I disagree with what he is NOT doing. Does that make sense?




Perhaps if it was entirely up to him, he would dissolve all Cabal within a matter of days. Or would he? But I think he too answers to someone else.


也许,如果完全取决于他的话,他会在几天的时间内溶解所有的 陰谋 集团。或者他会吗?但我想他也要向别人报告


With that being said, there are three main things that the president should be mentioning in every speech he makes, and giving people hints. One, 9/11. Two, The Federal Reserve/IRS. Three, JFK.And within a matter of months leading up to the complete exposure of the Cabal’s Plot that has been in the works for millennia.


话虽如此,有着三件主要的事情总统应该在他的每一个演讲中提及,给予人民暗示。第一件事: 911 。第二件事:美联储 /IRS 。第三件事:肯尼迪。几个月就可以完全曝光 陰谋 集团的 陰谋 却用了数千年。


It is time, now more than ever to put the Cabal on blast and to rest.It is time for America and the world to know the truth. No more stalling, no more “stroking”those who cannot handle the truth.


是时候让 陰谋 集团枯萎和死亡了,没有比现在更好的时机了。是时候让美国和全世界知道真相了。不要再拖延,不要再“赞许”那些无法应付真相的人


It is time to become more involved in this process. For those that are aware of the changes occurring in our world, we must step into new and higher roles.




The Galactics assisting humanity now can do what they wish to do from where they are at. Hopefully they change their mind on their decision about “gradual disclosure”, and only assisting us from their ships. While we humans on Earth must do what WE MUST do from where we are at, if we wish to see real change.




We cannot allow this process to stagnate because of a few ill-intended entities, or become once again about money(GCR/RV), power or control over others. This is about the total freedom of humanity and Earth.


我们不能让这个进程停滞,就因为几个病态的实体,或者再次是因为金钱( GCR/RV )、权力或对他人的控制。这是关于人类和地球的自由


There is a time for stillness, and there is a time for action. We must find the balance between the two. For love without action is like a rose that does not blossom.




The light has indeed prevailed. Now it is time for humanity to step forward and do its part. This way we begin restoring our world to its natural state.




From heart to heart, I am Kejraj!


衷心地,我是 Kejraj!



翻译:Nick Chan



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