原创 2018-04-01 天使 新纪元扬升之光

Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, March 31st, 2018




My dear friends, we loveyou so very much,




Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate. Happy Passover! HappySpring! Today we wish to speak to youabout the deeper meanings of the death and resurrection of Christ.



Can you fathom that the love which looks through your eyes is thesame love that looked through the eyes of Jesus Christ? Thedifference is in your experience. Jesus experienced His union with the Divinein each and every moment. Even when the nails were driven into His hands, Hewas aware of the Love that lived within him – beyond this life, body, and mind– was the same Presence of Love that lived within all others. He saw the Divineequally – in those who loved him and those who persecuted Him. He bore witnessto the Presence of Love within all beings, even if they could not. He stilldoes. This is why so many miracles are done in His name. He witnesses only yourdeepest truth.



And thus it is said that He “saved you from your sins.” We wouldparaphrase this by saying that He saved you from the illusion that darkness canever separate you from Love. In His willingness tolove through the greatest of human miseries – torture, betrayal, beating,death, denial, ignorance, greed, hatred, fear – He lifted the entire fabric ofhuman consciousness into a new realm of possibility for love.



He lived and demonstrated the truth that light is, and always willbe, more powerful than darkness, and that even when the darkness attempts tokill the light it cannot triumph. His bodywas killed and yet through the entire process He knew he was not the body. Heknew that His spirit was eternal. In his complete understanding of this Truth,He was able to forgive his torturers and even breathe life back into Hisphysical body.



Just as the Christ light lived within Jesus, so too the Christlight, the Divine love, the spark of the Source lives in you. Thislight sources you and shapes you as surely as the ocean sources and shapes awave. There is, and never can be, a separation from the Divine. You either experience the lovethat breathes life into you, or you block it. You either feel the love for allof life that wants to flow through you or you block it.



So while the body of Jesus did indeed resurrect, the deepermeaning of the resurrection is there is no pain, no darkness, no betrayal,denial, or abuse so powerful that it can kill the love within you. Withthe power of your will you can Resurrect Love in this world… any time youchoose. With dedication, you too can embody Love so thoroughly that thedarkness of the world cannot rob you of the experience of this light.

因此,当时耶稣的身体确实复活了,复活的深层含义是没有了痛苦,没有了黑暗,没有了背叛,没有了否认或如此巨大的虐待 --- 它甚至能毁灭你内心里的爱。用你强大的意志,你可以让爱在这个世界上复活 --- 无论何时你做出选择。用你奉献出的热情,你也能完全地彰显爱,以至于世界上的黑暗不能剥夺你光的体验。


Dear ones, Itis in your willingness to acknowledge the presence of light within yourself andeven the darkest among you, that you resurrect love and allow light to triumph overdark, love to triumph over hate, and Truth to triumph over theillusions that you or anyone else could ever be separate from this love.

亲爱的,通过你意愿承认你内在之光的临在,即使你们中间最黑暗的人,你也能让爱复活,让光战胜黑暗,爱战胜恨,真理战胜幻相 --- 它让你或其他人曾经与爱产生分离。


Happy Passover. HappyEaster. Happy Spring. Happy present moment in which you can embody andresurrect love… right here, right now.




God Bless You! We love youso very much.

The Angels










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