Dear Ones,


Perhaps you are concerned about catching the virus. Perhaps not. It does not matter for your role continues to be light in the darkness.


Of course, you think we are too positive or too something – your world is in chaos. The chaos is the result of the earth needing to shift quickly. There is no time for you to linger in sadness, fear, or retribution. For just as quickly as this virus appeared, it will disappear, only to resurface later if you and those awakening so desire

当然,你认为我们过于乐观或者过于任何东西 --- 你的世界处于混乱中。混乱是地球需要快速转变导致的结果。没有时间让你在悲伤、恐惧或报复中徘徊。因为就像病毒如此快速地传播,它也会非常快速地消失,如果你和那些苏醒的人渴望才会再次浮现

The world is focussing on one concept and only one concept – the virus. In the past few months, you and those awakening have tried to introduce other events for the same purpose to little or no avail. For you, en masse, have transitioned beyond fear.

世界在专注于一个概念,唯一的概念 --- 病毒。在过去的几个月,你和那些苏醒的人试图引入其它的事件(为了相同的目标)只有很少或根本没什么效果。因为你,集体,已经超越了恐惧

So it is beyond time for fear-based, earth structures to crumble. Your earth structures are catching up to your inner workings.

所以 ,基於恐懼的地球結構崩潰的時間已經過了。地球結構正在趕上你的內在運作。

Something similar could have happened earlier – perhaps an earthquake or other earth fear-based activity. But then, this is a different time of fear-based cleansing. So instead of opening their hearts in recent earth traumas, many indicated those people affected were not important to them.

類似的事情也可能在 更早的時候發生 ——也許是地震或其他基於地球恐懼的活動。但是, 這是一個以恐懼為基礎的淨化時代 。因此,許多人並 有在最近的地球創傷中敞開心扉,而是表示那些受影響的人對他們並不重要。

The entire globe needed to react, to change, to care for one another.


Perhaps you worry that others do not care as much as you would expect them to, given the circumstances of this virus. Ah, such is so for a reason. As more and more humans work through their 3D fears, they will have the energy and need to care for others – as well as themselves.

也许你担忧别人并未如你希望他们那样关心他人,鉴于病毒的情况。啊,这是有原因的。随着越来越多的人通过他们的 3D 恐惧,他们会有精力和需求去关心别人 --- 以及自己

You are now experiencing an overflow of 3D fear – most definitely displayed by those you have come to trust as your caretakers/leaders. That lack of caring displayed by those you have labeled as caretakers/leaders makes you even more frightened. Forcing you – and particularly those just awakening – to discover your inner strengths.

你正在体验一个 3D 恐惧的溢出 --- 主要由你信任为自己看护人 / 领袖的人展示。那些你标签为看护人 / 领袖的关怀缺失 令你更加害怕。迫使你 --- 尤其那些刚醒来的人 --- 去发掘内在的力量

It is as if a baton has been passed from the caretakers/leaders you assumed cared for you, to you. Of course, such delineation is not necessarily obvious. Many of you continue to play the game of, “Why doesn’t he or she care enough to take care of me and others?” That game is over.

就像一根接力棒 从你认为应该照顾你的看护人 / 领袖那里 被传递给了你。当然,这样的描述不一定是明确的。你们许多人继续玩耍“为什么他 / 她不够关心来照顾我和他人?”的游戏。这样的游戏结束了

You are discovering you must ensure you have the supplies you desire or feel you need. For those at the top of your 3D power pyramid are no longer willing or capable of taking care of anyone but themselves.

你發現 你必須確保你有你想要 或感覺你需要的 物資 。因為那些在你的 3D 能量金字塔頂端的人,不再願意或有能力照顧任何人,除了他們自己。

Your leaders have accepted the complete fear package and are displaying such through this virus. They feel no one but themselves is important. They are incapable of thinking otherwise. For their role is to fully display the illness of 3D fear.

你的领袖接受了完整的恐惧包裹,通过这个病毒展示了它。他们只感到自己是重要的。他们无法思考别的。因为他们的角色就是充分展示 3D 恐惧的疾病

You merely need to read or observe your news feeds to understand that the majority of your local, national, and global leaders are incapable of displaying love as you now are beginning to understand it. They are replaying roles that have become outdated. A bit like horse-driven carriages. Even though you can travel in a horse-driven carriage, such is no longer the fastest, most comfortable, or most accessible travel system.

你只需阅读或观察新闻推送就能明白 大多数当地、国家、世界领袖无法展示爱,就像你正在开始明白的。他们不断地重演着已经过时的角色。有点像马车。即使你依旧可以坐马车,这不再是最快的、最舒适的或最容易的旅游系统

Your leaders are, for the most part, outdated technology if you will. So it is you are developing new methods of action and reaction. Not based on what you hear from those who continue promoting horse-driven carriages, but instead from those moving from their heart.


This is a new time. You have shifted beyond the old systems and ways of functioning. But your leaders do not yet understand that such is so. Which is no different than those insisting on only horse-driven vehicles after the automobile became a mainstay of the world.


Perhaps you think such leadership is a choice. So it is. But you are a different person. You no longer need or want a parent without any computer skills telling you how to operate your computer. This is a new world that calls for new responses to actions and places.


The majority of your leaders believe that all will be well as long as they are in charge. They do not expect you to have answers or actions, because that has never happened before in their 3D memory bank. The 3D rule of thumb is that there will be a leader or leaders who take charge – whether they understand the situation and have acceptable results or not.

大多数领袖认为只要他们在位,一切都会好起来。他们并不期望你会有答案或行动,因为这在他们的 3D 记忆中从未发生过。 3D 经验法则就是会有一个掌管的领袖 --- 无论他们明白情况与否,有可接受的结果与否

A 3D case in point that has been repeated over and over is a leader deciding they need more land, power, money, slaves, etc. and as a result send their followers to war. For they believe, as you once did, that your leaders are wise. Even if you pondered the cracks in their personalities, you still felt the need to fight for that ambiguous entity called your community, state, or country. And if the boundaries changed in any of those areas, it was likely your leaders expected you to change sides and again fight for what they felt was important.

一个重复了一遍又一遍的 3D 例子,就是一个领袖决定他们需要更多的土地、力量、金钱、奴力等等,因此派他们的跟随者去战斗。因为他们相信,一旦你这么做,你的领袖就是明智的。即使你思考他们性格中的裂缝,你依旧感到需要为被称为社区、州、国家这个模糊不清的存在战斗。如果边界在任何这些地区改变,这很可能是你的领袖希望你去改变阵营,再次为他们感到重要的东西战斗

Now that you are the leader of you. Who are you? What do you want or need? How can you activate your inner being during this tumultuous time?


You no longer require the man behind the curtain who does not know or particularly care about you. There is no wise man or woman who knows your needs as well as you do. And there is no wise man or woman who can create the safety net that is now your new life.


You who have moved beyond 3D are going to find solutions as ingenious as the automobile, airplane, or computer. In the past, those who invented such items were considered geniuses or unusual. The pyramid of power was from the top down. So those at the top likely gave medals and accolades to any who improved their reign of power. Now, inventions or new thoughts will be the norm as you rapidly transition from follower to leader.

已经超越 3D 的你会发现和汽车、飞机或计算机一样具有创意的解决方案。在过去,那些发明这些东西的人被认为是天才或不正常。 力的金字塔是自上而下的。所以那些处于顶端的人 很可能会把奖章和荣誉 给予任何改进他们 力统 的人。现在,发明或者新的想法会是常态,随着你快速从跟随者转变成领袖

Does that mean every one of you will invent something? No. It merely means you no longer have to wait until someone allows you to be unique. You are not a follower. You and all those who transitioned beyond 3D are leaders in all aspects of your life.

这是否意味着你们每个人都会发明什么?不。这只是意味着你不再需要等待直到有人允许你变得独特。你不是一个跟随者。你和所有已经超越 3D 的人是生活所有面向中的领袖

So forget your frustration with your current 3D leaders. They are doing what they need to do to push you beyond your former complacency that someone will take care of you.

所以忘记你对当前领袖的失望。他们做着他们需要去做的 来推动你 超越你以前的自滿,認為有人會照顧你。

That someone is now you. So be it. Amen.




通灵:Brenda Hoffman

翻译:Nick Chan





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