You will find that many aspects of yourself will be more than ready to integrate. But what if you have aspects that are not so willing to come back into wholeness?




You may discover that parts of yourself are still holding on to hurt, pain, or fear. Please know if this is the case it is perfectly normal and is not anything beyond what you can heal. Those aspects of you just need a little extra love and attention.




So connect with that aspect of self and tell it, “You are seen and acknowledged and understood. You are loved and accepted, wanted and cherished. It is safe for you to come back into wholeness.” Feel free to substitute any words that you intuitively feel will offer healing to that aspect of self.




The bottom line is those little fragments of you have been yearning to come Home to you, and with your wisdom you can create the perfect environment for them to reintegrate and feel the care and safety they have been missing so terribly. This is the ultimate act of self love. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan





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