原创 2018-02-08 萨南达 新纪元扬升之光

Sananda via Ann Dahlberg, February 7th, 2018




I am Sananda and I am here today to speak a bit about the world that is coming. The world that you are leaving you know well, it has lived out itself onecould say. The lighter world you are on your way into is much lighter in form and mind. What you think and feel you manifest. It might progress fast from thought to manifestation so the first thing you need to do is to control your thoughts and feelings. They belong together thought and feeling – they impact each other in a subtle way. This can be good to train now – to train using your thoughts and feelings in a positive way. If doubt and despair enters try to turn it into something positive. The power of thought is great and it is possible to influence it. It in turn influences your feelings and right away you feel a hope of trust and your mood changes. You can all recognize this. It might be that somebody else got you into a good mood again, who’s energy has influenced you to feel more hopeful and positive. This can of course also work the other way around. Somebody else’s negative energy can impact your own optimism so that it wilts and you suddenly feel uneasy. It is now important that you take responsibility for your own thoughts and feelings. If you are in control of your thoughts and feelings nobody and nothing can influence you as you are the head of your own house. It is then that life can be as it is. Regardless you are the victor in your own life. You can then envision the best for you and it will come, as you are the master in your own house. When you feel well in your life you can envision for your friends, your town, your country, yes, whatever you want and it can become that way. It might get harder the more people are involved if they are not at the same level as yourself, but nothing is impossible and you influence others in a positive way. Everybody wants a better life for themselves and their family, yes also for their people and country. After that the step is not far to other people and countries. It becomes a domino effect and it happens everywhere, but it always starts with yourself. It is your consciousness, your ability to control your thoughts and feelings that gives results, first in the micro and then in the macro.

我是萨南达,今天我要在这里谈一下即将到来的世界。你正在离开的世界,你们知道,它已经在过度。在你要进入的那个较轻的世界里,你的形态和思想要轻得多。你的想法和感觉,它们可能会很快地得到到显化,所以你首先要做的就是控制你的思想和情感。思想和情感——它们以一种微妙的方式相互影响。现在可以很好地去训练 - 以积极的方式训练你的思想和情感。把怀疑和绝望试着转变成积极的东西。思想的力量是巨大的,会有可能影响它,它反过来会影响你的感觉,你立刻就会感受到一种信任的希望,你的情绪也会随之改变。你们都能意识到这一点。可能另外一个人会让你心情好转,他的能量就影响了你,让你觉得更有希望变得积极。当然,这种情况也可以反过来。别人消极的能量会影响你自己乐观的情绪,这样你就会萎靡,你会突然感到心神不宁。现在重要的是你要为自己的想法和感觉负责。如果你控制了你的思想和情感,没有人和任何东西能影响你,就像你是你自己家的一家之主。生命就会是这样,不管怎样你都会是自己生活中的胜利者。你可以为你设想最好的结果,它将会到来,因为你是你自己家的一家之主。当你有了美好生活的时候,你可以为你的朋友、你的城镇、你的国家去设想,是的,无论你想要什么,它都可以变成所想的那样。如果他们和你的层次不一样,这可能会变得困难,但没有什么是不可能的,你会以积极的方式影响他人。每个人都想让自己和家人过上更好的生活,对他的人民和国家也是一样。之后,会很快影响其他国家和人民。它变成了多米诺骨牌效应,无处不在,但它总是要从你自己开始。这是你自己的意识,你要有控制你的想法和情感的能力,首先是在微观上,然后才是在宏观上。


See life with love and let love build up a strong home inside you. It is love that always is the answer to all that you undertake in your life. It is love that makes your thoughts positive – you see the possibilities rather than the problems. Love ties it all together. It ties you together to one unit – a unit that exists both within and outside of you. Love brings forth the beautiful, true and honest in you – it is the most valuable you have. Take care of your love inside of you and you will become richly rewarded, as love is life, the beautiful limitless life that gives everything and has all that you ever have dreamed about. It is also your treasure, your holy grail. It has always existed and will always exist within you. This is the reason you always hear that you should seek within yourselves. Everything you need you can find within. You yourselves are what you are looking for. You are valuable pearls in the sky – the pearls that God sent down to act on Earth. Have trust in yourselves dear brothers and sisters. You have all you need – the tools are there already for you to use. Use them with love and you have your new home in love.



I spread rose petals of love on the path I now walk together with you.





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