While in meditation I was told a very large Galactic Federation ship will be here in the first week of March. It has 49 shuttles each 220 feet wide. It is part of the changes rapidly unfolding on Earth. Most of your leaders are aware of and working with the Federation, the Orion Council of Light and Pleiadians. I have not been told as of yet their mission. The Earth has been under siege for thousands of years by darker forces which have infiltrated, almost all agencies, institutions and powers. You have been under a very suppressive Draconian or what some would call an Archon grid. This is coming to a close. The electromagnetic light spectrum on all levels has increased exponentially. The Central Sun connected to all other Suns has increased its flow of consciousness and energy. Consciousness, Light, Energy and Mass are all connected as frequencies of the same force. Due to free will and a lot of negative influence there has been a lot of miscreation outside of Universal Law. This solar system is in the boondocks on an outermost arm of the Milky Way. There are differences of opinion on whether we are even in the Milky Way none the less we have been left alone, some might say abandoned until the time is right.


在冥想的时候,我被告知一艘巨大的银河联邦飞船将在三月的第一周到达这里。它有 49 220 英尺宽的航天飞机。这是地球上正在迅速展开的变化的一部分。你们的大多数领导人都知道并与联邦、猎户座光之委员会和昴宿星人一起工作。我还没有被告知他们的任务。地球已经被黑暗势力包围了数千年,这些势力渗透到几乎所有的代理机构、体系和权力。你一直处于一个非常压抑的严酷统治之下,或者被一些人称为执政官网格。这就要结束了。所有能级的电磁光谱都呈指数增长。连接到所有其他太阳的中央太阳已经增加了它的意识和能量流。意识、光、能量和质量都作为相同力量的频率相联系。由于自由意志和许多负面影响,出现了许多违反宇宙法则的不法行为。这个太阳系位于银河系最外围的偏远地带。关于我们是否在银河系中存在着不同的意见,然而我们仍然被单独留在那里,有些人可能会说被遗弃直到时机成熟。


NASA has released the charts on the increase of incoming energies, the Schuman Resonance is off the chart Tuesday it went from 7.8 to 74 which is one reason people are feeling out of sorts. This is all part of the awakening and healing or liberation of Earth. You can see it playing out on every level. The increase in social, economic, political, changes, severe weather, increase in earthquake and volcanic activity all are byproducts of these incoming energies. People are choosing between the upward spiral engaging their own higher consciousness and energy making their own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection, or the downward spiral leading to social, economic and environmental collapse. The days of tyranny are coming to a close, yet this will happen in stages. We are here for soul evolution, to gain the wisdom through experience learning from the past. This is where the wisdom from the Elders come in. There are Elders from Earth and Elders from the stars. The Elders of the Earth if awake are connected to the Elders in the stars. Your ancient ancestors are returning. They know the real history of Earth, the origin of your religions, and have a more expanded version of God far beyond the bearded images of the past.


NASA 发布了能量增加的图表,舒曼共振周二从 7.8 上升到 74 ,这是人们感到不舒服的原因之一。这都是地球觉醒、疗愈或解放的一部分。你可以在每一个层面上看到它。社会、经济、政治、变化、恶劣天气、地震和火山活动的增加都是这些到来的能量的副产品。人们正在选择上升的螺旋或下降的螺旋,前者让他们自己更高的意识和能量与上帝 / 造物主 / 伟大的精神连接,后者导致社会,经济和环境的崩溃。暴政的日子即将结束,但这将分阶段发生。我们在这里是为了灵魂的进化,通过从过去的经验中学习来获得智慧。这就是长者智慧的来源。有来自地球的长者,也有来自星星的长者。地上的长者若醒了,就与星星上的长者连接。你们古老的祖先正在返回。他们知道地球的真实历史,你们宗教的起源,他们对上帝有更广泛的理解,远远超越了过去那胡子浓密的形象。


What does this mean for Humanity? We are being given a golden opportunity to release the past, gain the wisdom from the experience and take a quantum leap in evolution. We can choose to join the rest of the Universe in Peace, reunite with the greater family of man, clean up the environment, put an end to most diseases and live a thoroughly loving, joyous abundant life. It is our birthright. We did not get into the mess we are in without interference. When I say interference, it exists on many levels, physical and non-physical. There in so much inhumanity on Earth because of non-human interference. This is being removed.




For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world.”


Many humans have chosen to serve these non-human entities due to promises of power, fame, wealth etc. These are false promises and never end well. This is a disservice to God and country.






The real power is love and it comes from making your own personal connection with God/Creator/Great Spirit. Real everlasting fame comes from service to humanity, saints, sages and masters are the most remembered. The real wealth comes from within, wealth of knowledge, wealth of love, wealth of joy, a life of service to humanity and the Earth feeling good about oneself that is the real wealth, it is nonmaterial. The transitory and false fame, wealth, and power sold to you by social consciousness is a lie. When you awaken many will realize almost everything they have been taught and told were lies. The social engineering, conditioning and programming has all been a plan carried out by these negative forces seen and unseen that have enslaved humanity for eons. Again, these forces are replete throughout the agencies and institutions you have in error given your power too. Some refer to these energies as the deep state or swamp. It is global.


真正的力量是爱,它来自于你自己与上帝 / 造物主 / 伟大的灵魂的联系。真正永恒的名声来自对人类的服务,圣人、圣贤和大师是最令人难忘的。真正的财富来自内在,知识的财富,爱的财富,快乐的财富,为人类服务的生活和地球对自己的良好感觉,这才是真正的财富,它是非物质的。社会意识卖给你的短暂而虚假的名声、财富和权力都是谎言。当你醒来时,许多人会意识到他们被教导和告诉的一切几乎都是谎言。社交工程、条件化和程序化都是由这些看得见的和看不见的、奴役人类万古之久的消极力量所实施的计划。同样,这些消极力量充满了你错误地赋予了你的权力的所有的代理和机构。有些人将这些能量称为深层状态或沼泽。它是全球性的。


When you climb the ladder of fame, power and wealth in most institutions of this day and age it gets darker and more decadent. When your eyes are fully opened the truth can be devastating. The masks are all coming down, the truth is being revealed and the true character of everyone will be made known. Politics, Hollywood, and the major religions are a good example. Nothing is how it seems and nothing is real concerning what the lame stream media tells you. In fact, if you reverse what they are saying the percentage of truth would be much higher. The Great Awakening is here. How we deal with it and how much we resist it will be up to each individual. I would strongly suggest choosing Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All, “Universal Law” the upward spiral of evolution. It is time to listen to the Elders of Earth and the Stars. There are spiritually and technologically advanced civilizations which have conquered, poverty, disease, and live in harmony with each other and their environments. One would think it wise to follow their lead.









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