Dear Ones, we understand that many of you are finding adjusting into the accelerated energies of 2020 somewhat challenging. It has been a monumental shift into the energies of a new year and new decade.




While experiencing intensity is very much an aspect of profound change and rapid forward movement, we wish to reassure you that you will become more and more adept at navigating those energies. The balance point of your upcoming equinox will assist you by helping you ground into the energies of this new phase.




There will also be many pockets over the upcoming year where you will experience great realizations, discover new gifts and abilities, see true progress being made on things you had believed in but had wondered if they would ever arrive, and feel the joy that comes from being in what we call the sweet spot – knowing you are exactly in the right place at the right time on your soul’s journey.




So be kind and gentle with yourselves as you move forward as the intrepid pioneers you are, knowing you are still acclimating to your new reality. This is where the journey really starts to get interesting for you, where you will make transformative discoveries, and start to realize the fruits of your labours in both expected ways and ways that fill you with wonder. It is all a process your soul simply couldn’t wait to experience and that time is now. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan



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