Dear Ones,




We are amazed at your tenacity and yes, strength. For throughout your 3D eons of earth lives, you forced yourself to follow society rules instead of daring to be you. So it is that you did physical, emotional, and spiritual harm to your being to be part of the group.


我们惊讶于你的坚韧,是的,力量。因为贯穿你 3D 地球的万古生世,你强迫自己跟随社会的规则而不敢于做自己。所以你对你的存在造成了物理上,情绪上和精神上的伤害,以便成为团体的一部分


Now that you are of 5D, you are beginning to proclaim your individuality. Something not necessarily easy. Not because it is wrong, but because it is so foreign to the 3D society with which you are familiar.


现在你已是 5D 的存在,你在开始宣布你的个体性。并不总是容易的东西。不是因为它是错误的,而是因为它对 3D 社会来说是如此地陌生


Even though you continue to remain within that society via your daily activities, your voice is changing from that of passive acquiesce to an almost strident rightness to be. Something that frightens you as much as others.




Words of anger, incorrectness, here I am, seem to flow out of your mouth with little forewarning. For you are discovering yourself and your power much as a teenager does as they evolve into a young adult.




Where you once said, “yes” even though you did not want to deep within your being, you are now loudly proclaiming, “NO.” Surprising both you and those comfortable with the old you.




You are claiming your power, one ‘no’ at a time. Of course, doing so is disturbing to both you and the entities experiencing it for all of you are trained to be nice.




You have even been taught ways to proclaim your rightness with hidden means. Such as talking about someone when they are not there. Or responding to what you label a “catty” answer. Or acquiescing to a request only to neglect to follow through. Or ignoring your needs, so someone else is comfortable. But nowhere in that litany of acceptable behaviors is your ability to quietly and calmly state your needs without some sort of 3D repercussion.


你甚至被教导用隐藏的手段宣称你的正当。比如在别人不在场的时候谈论他们。或者对你标签为“搬弄是非”的答复响应。或者默许一个请求,只为了不用继续下去。或忽视你的需求,这样别人可以舒适。但在那沉长枯燥的接纳行为中是你安静,平静地述说你需求的能力,而不带一些 3D 的反响


For 3D is group-think and 5D and beyond is the uniqueness of being.


因为 3D 是群体思考, 5D 和之上是存在的独特性


Perhaps the best way to describe this is to think in terms of all being of one body with specific hair cells, nail cells, skin cells, etc. In 3D, everyone decided to be hair cells allowing for a very limited body.


也许最好地描述方式就是想象一个身体有着特定的毛细胞,指甲细胞,皮肤细胞等等。在 3D ,每个人决定去成为毛细胞,允许一个非常受限的身体


So it is you are discovering that various groups of like mind or action are finding one another and proclaiming their rightness as a heart or kidney cell knowing and accepting that other cells will proclaim their rightness until the body is complete and whole. Something that never happened or was possible when all looked to someone other than themselves to lead and proclaim their rightness of being.




Perhaps you remember that many proclaimed their leadership and rightness of being throughout the 3D ages. Such is so. But a leader is not a leader without followers. So it is that the leaders needed to cater to followers just enough for them to continue to be followers – until that point in 3D history when you all expected someone to be your leader and no longer attempted to fully be yourself within your selected group. Someone was in charge and even though that someone was you at times, you were only in charge as long as you provided enough rewards – either the carrot or the stick – for those who followed you


也许你记得贯穿 3D 的历史,许多人宣称过自己存在的领导力和正当性。确实如此。但一个领袖如果没有追随者就不是领袖。所以领袖需要迎合追随者,好让他们继续跟随 --- 直到你们都期望别人来成为你的领袖,不再试图在你选择的团体中完全成为自己。有人负责,即使有时候那个人是你,你负责只要你能提供足够的回报 --- 胡萝卜或木棍 --- 给那些跟随你的人


This 5D experience is extremely different. Instead of following someone you fear or respect, you are following your path. So it is that even those who seem to be of like-mind are not entirely of your mind – just as it should be. For each of you is a powerful entity who does not require a leader nor anyone to proclaim your rightness.


这个 5D 体验是非常不同的。与其跟随你恐惧或尊重的人,你在跟随自己的道路。所以即使那些看似志同道合的人其实也没那么志同道合 --- 比起应该所是地。因为你们每个人都是一个强大的实体,不需要一个领袖或任何人来宣称你的正当


That last statement has to be extremely frightening. For you do not yet feel strong enough to proclaim your rightness as a unique individual. You wish to hide behind this person or label hoping others will forge the new way.




Instead, it is you and only you. There are so many functions of this New Earth to complete that while you might meet fellow travelers here and there at certain junctions, it is your path, not the path of anyone else.




Your golden threads in this new tapestry are unique and even though you have the freedom to stop or slow your 5D evolution, the earth and therefore the Universes will be less because of your disinterest in continuing.


你在这个新编织中的金线是独特的,即使你有着自由去停下来或缓慢你 5D 的进化,地球,从而宇宙会变得逊色,因为你的不关心继续


We must add, so you do again fall into the 3D service trap, that other generations will pick up any missing threads until the tapestry is complete. It is just that you wished to experience the end result more rapidly than viewing it from the ethers or other 5D earth lives.


我们必须添加,所以你会再次落入 3D 的服务陷阱,其他几代人会拾起任何丢失的线头,直到编织完成。只是你希望更快地体验最终的结果,比起从以太或其他的 5D 地球生世中看到它


You can stop, but the earth evolution will not. It will merely be a bit less complete than what you hoped for when you en masse requested to see some final results instead of merely building the bridge to the New Age.




To do so, you must first proclaim your rightness of being to yourself. Which is starting to happen – deepening daily as most often indicated by your unwillingness to be the crowd pleaser you have been in 3D.


要这么做,你必须先对自己宣称你存在的正当性。这正在开始发生 --- 每日都在加深,正如经常通过你不愿意成为 3D 中的受人拥戴所展示的


Allow yourself to have a few temper tantrums, a few angry words. You are breaking out of your 3D hiding place to claim you in the new more accepting place that is now 5D earth. So be it. Amen.


允许自己发些脾气,说些愤怒的话语。你在突破你 3D 的隐藏地在新的更加令人接纳的 5D 地球中宣称你自己。就是如此。阿门


Brenda Hoffman226日《你受人拥戴的日子结束了》

翻译:Nick Chan



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