This is a very trying and testing time for humanity upon the Earth and you, who have prepared yourselves, the Beloved Lightworkers, are also feeling the effects of these energies so that you have noticed that even though you have prepared and worked upon yourselves, that there are still feelings from the past, situations from the past that are being brought to the surface again for your review and transmutation. This is a great opportunity to transmute and dissolve it so that it is complete - so do take advantage of that opportunity, recognize it as such, and transmute all that still needs to be looked at.




You are the vanguard, the wayshowers, who have come to the Earth to be of great assistance. You incarnated specifically for these times in Earth’s history. In unity, we are here now to serve the Light of God that never fails and you are doing a wonderful service and a wonderful job. Life on Earth - in every facet, in every kingdom, in every nook and cranny, place and space, is being changed and transformed.




Each moment, life as you have known it is changing, and so we ask of you to become adaptable to all the changes, that you may go through this period with grace and ease, listening to your inner guidance and following that guidance. As you move through each day, it is of great importance that you connect into your own Divine Self first thing each morning. Then set the intention that for the rest of your day you will radiate the Light that you carry within you. First thing in the morning is something that serves you well and not only that, it serves the Earth and all inhabitants as well!




Much is transpiring within the nature kingdoms, within the water, within the air - everywhere that you look, there is change and transmutation occurring. In every area of life there is the energy of renewal and rejuvenation, there is the great excitement of a new beginning. All around you, you can feel the magical excitement of newness, of great hope, of great possibilities and beautiful potentials.




Tune in to that energy, Dear Ones, open yourself up to receive inspiration, guidance and knowledge, ideas for new technology, for new books, for beautiful uplifting art forms, for profoundly moving music. There is more information coming into manifestation at this time and you are in prime position to receive these impulses, these ideas, this creativity that is flowing from the great Divine Feminine and the Great Central Sun.




Although it may not be visible upon the Earth reality through your news agencies, there is a feeling of peace, harmony and goodwill that is igniting the hearts of ALL humanity upon the Earth. They have the desire to join together in love, peace and harmony, knowing that all is One. As this feeling continues to grow within the heart of each man, woman and child upon the Earth, there WILL be peace, harmony and goodwill. It is inevitable.




I wish to speak to you about those beings upon the Earth who desire to retain their control that they have wielded upon this Earth for eons of time. We wish for you to know that their control and their power is crumbling more and more each day and it will not be long before their power crumbles completely.




Along with that collapse of the old paradigm will come a new and better way for humanity and everything upon the Earth. We ask you to remember this, stay centered and hold to your faith and to your Light and radiate that Light, that peaceful and calming Light to the Earth, to the people of the Earth, for it is your Light and your love that is creating stability.




Beloved Lightworkers, keep on keeping on, for the time is NOW, that glorious time that we all came for! We are working together in unity and we are accomplishing the great work of the Divine Plan. Hold fast to your faith that it is so!




I AM Archangel Michael




通灵:Marlene Swetlishoff

翻译:Nick Chan


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