Dearest Karen, child of light –you are lighting up the world with your presence even when you cannot feel the changing tide.It is happening dear child. It is ‘real’. Whatever you can imagine you can dream and you can turn it into your reality. Fear not the change at hand, all is well and all is on the mend. Let the healing begin. Allow the healing to seep in. Allow the changes to flow forth. No more putting your foot on the hose to stop the water flow –allow the embrace of the angels to comfort you now. Allow the legions of light in the heavens to send their stream of higher consciousness into your comfort zone, breaking away all that no longer belongs and filling you with infinite streams of unconditional love. For this is what the Blessing Times are for –to let go of worry and allow the light of love to fill you full, until you are healed, whole, and complete. No more stuffing things under the rug. The time for transcendence is rising above any circumstance, no matter how difficult it is –you cannot ignore it. You must know what is below you so that you can rise above it and let it go for good. Letting go of old patterns is never easy, that is understood, but to know where you have come from and that you no longer need to allow it to control you, to be able to rise above it and move on into a new pattern, a new phase of your life, that is a gift from God dear child. That is a miracle! Welcome it in –all the miracles you can hold in the palms of your hands, hearts open wide, looking up to the sky in gratitude and reverence for the opportunity to witness the greatest change in all of creation. The earth rising up in vibration, all of humanity united as one nation.


亲爱的 Karen ,光之子 --- 你伴随着你的存在点亮了这个世界,即使当你无法感到改变的潮汐。它正在发生,亲爱的孩子。它是“真实的”。无论你在想象和梦想什么,你都可以把它变成你的现实。不要害怕即将到来的改变,一切都好,一切都在好转。让疗愈开始。让疗愈渗入。让改变浮现。不要再把脚踩在水管上来停止水的流动 --- 让天使的拥抱来安抚你。让光之军团把他们更高的意识流发送到你的舒适地带,突破所有不再从属于你的东西,让你充满无限的无条件之爱流。因为这就是备受祝福的时间 --- 去放下担忧,让爱之光充满你,直到你被疗愈、完整和圆满。不要再把东西塞到地毯下。超越的时间已经升起越过任何的情况,无论它有多难 --- 你无法忽视它。你必须知道什么在你之下,这样你可以提升超越它,并放下它。放下旧的模式从未是容易的,这是可以理解的,但去知道你来自哪里,你不再需要让它控制你,并能够提升超越它,进入一个新的模式,一个新的生活阶段,这是一份来自神的礼物,亲爱的孩子。这是一个奇迹!欢迎它进入 --- 所有你可以在手中掌握的奇迹,敞开心,在感恩与崇敬中看向天空,因为你有机会见证所有造物中最伟大的改变。地球的振动提升,所有人类团结为一个民族


For peace will follow where change has been birthed.You are living in the birth canal of sorts, in the darkness of the tunnel right before the sunshine flows in. Get your hand off the hose and allow the brightness of the new to filter in. For now appears the grandest opening –the biggest opportunity to reclaim the lives you had before the ‘Fall’ –to live without forgetfulness, remembering the glory and oneness, companionship and love for all.


因为和平紧跟改变已经诞生的地方。你生活于某种产道中,就要见到阳光的黑暗隧道中。放开水管,让新的明亮进入。因为现在看似是最宏伟的敞开 --- 最大的机遇去取回你在“下降”前拥有的生活 --- 没有遗忘地生活,忆起辉煌、合一、友谊和对一切的爱


Do not worry or fret about what is lying ahead. No one knows for sure, as you have not created it yet. Thoughts can change your circumstance. Watch your thoughts and tend to your holy vibration. This is of upmost importance as you will be creating and re-creating your worlds in an instant.




Take time to nurture the love within your own soul. Tending the vibrancy and creativity that allows your spirit to flourish. Embrace the spirit of change as you would an old friend. For now the beginning comes around again. Past the zero point, on the way up, to land of higher vibrations –higher qualities of love. Transcending the old and welcoming in the new. That is what we are sending you. Opportunity to begin again, fresh start. Wonders of creation flowing from your hearts.


花时间滋养你灵魂中的爱。照亮让你的精神繁荣的活力和创造性。拥抱改变的精神,就像拥抱一个老朋友。因为现在开始再次到来。越过零点,向上,到达更高振动的境地 --- 更高的爱之品质。超越旧的,欢迎新的。这就是我们在发送给你的。去再次开始,重新开始的机遇。创造的奇迹来自你的心


For we are your mentors and companions in this universe, and you are the starseeds about to give birth. All the pain, all the suffering, soon will be rewarded with the gift of new life blossoming forward into new dimensions of joy and love, inspiring others to rise up and call their own new realities forth. For your majesty will shine down upon the earth, radiating an energy like none you have seen before –with the power to manifest miracles and more. Take these blessings, and create more. For you are the Creator now shining forth.


因为我们是你在这个宇宙中的导师和同伴,你是就要诞生的星际种子。所有的痛苦,所有的苦难,很快就会收获绽放到新的喜悦与爱之维度的回报,激励他人去提升,呼唤他们自己的新现实。因为你的威严会照耀大地,放射出一股你从未见过的能量 --- 伴随着显化奇迹的力量。拾起这些祝福,创造更多。因为你就是正在闪耀的造物主



通灵:Karen Vivenzio

翻译:Nick Chan




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