Beloved souls and light bringers,




Cyron speaks into another language and wavelength than human beings. Often we signal you telepathic messages, give tips, respect and recognition for your services. The energy has entered into a phase in which certain systems can change jerkily. The suction of the light prepares big changes. They shape at the level of the perception, the cell level and the matter. The flow of the movement and renewal raises your expression.


Cyron 在和人类不同的语言与波长中说话。我们经常信号你心灵感应的信息,给予提示,尊重和认可,为你所做的服务。能量进入了某些系统会颠簸改变的阶段。光的吸入准备了巨大的改变。它们在感知的层面成形,细胞层面以及物质层面。运动和更新的流动提升了你的表达


Now for many among you the time has come to open as a light servant. This service contains many facets and a new way of thinking. As a ground crew is your contact and signpost. The greater and the further the light shines in you, the more your will other touches by your service. Everybody which starts finds its way and his duties.




Cyron speaks to you as a companion. Full of circumspection and devotion we are in your field and hold the light of the upper spheres. It lights up your hearts and flows out by many units and soul structures. True love is anchored in all and extends. Cyron is aware of the mercy which manifests itself by the creation on earth. The mercy is always present and accessibly for those which decide on it. The unreasonable is held from you. Developments are promoted.


Cyron 作为一个同伴与你说话。充满了细心和奉献,我们在你的场域中,保持着更高领域的光。它照亮你的心,通过许多的单元和灵魂结构流出。真正的爱锚定于一切之中并扩张。 Cyron 意识到地球上造物显化的慈悲。慈悲总是存在,可被那些决定去执行的人访问。不切实际的东西从你之中带离。发展被促进


Our team is trained to adapt itself to the given situations. We connect light units, clear rooms, and our light language wakes up sleeping generations. We interweave dimension streams with each other and bind the low layers of energetic depositions. With our presence and our existence we generate a tie of the communication of non-verbal language. Points of light create changes in awareness and the spreading of remedial impulses. The production of interstellar connections promotes the awakening and the devotion to find the way back to yourselves.




With big joy we are in this phase of your Ascension on your side. Modest we line up with other star communities to pave the ascension way. Cyron greets you from his ship. Joyful anticipation!“


伴随着巨大的喜悦,我们处于你扬升的这个阶段。谦卑地,我们与其他星际团体对齐来铺平扬升的道路。 Cyron 从飞船上向你问候。快乐地期待!


This channeling can be shared with pleasure as an unchanged text form.




The making of videos in any language is not permitted.




通灵:Iris Kahler

昴宿星Cyron 32日《快乐地期待!

翻译:Nick Chan


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